Earthquake by Dead Sea in Israel in 2004 that Damaged the Dome of the Rock

I received an e-mail Thursday, February 26, 2004 from Temple Mount Faithful that an earthquake in Israel near the Dead Sea on Februray 11, 2004 had also badly damaged the Roof on the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem according to the Jerusalem Arabic newspaper Al Quds on February 23, 2004. There are also reports this earthquake brought down some of the walls of the Temple Mount and caused selective damage to the office of the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon although there was little or no damage to other Israeli members of parliament (the Knesset). This damage especially to the Dome of the Rock Moslem mosque on the Temple Mount is very significant in Bible prophecy as it is generally agreed by conservative Christian and Jewish scholars that the Dome of the Rock is over the most likely location of the previous Herod's Temple (the Second Temple) and Solomon's Temple (the First Temple) including the Holy of Holies. For this reason this is the location that the Temple Mount Faithful, the Temple Institute, the Movement for Establishing the Temple, the now reestablish Sanhedrin or Law of Moses supreme court and similiar groups want to build the Third Jewish Temple. So far have these 3rd Temple groups been prevented from rebuilding the Temple by the existence of the Moslem Dome of the Rock that is considered by Moslems as part of the third holiest site in the world to Islam on this same location. If any further earthquake or other natural phenomena caused the now already damaged and weakened Dome of the Rock to collapse the Temple Mount Faithful and similiar groups will feel free to build their Third Jewish Temple there with God's authorization. There is an article in the archives of the Temple Mount Faithful from February 2004 on their website at on this subject.

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