Part 4 The Tribulation or Third Temple

The Covenant Between Israel and the Anti-Christ of Daniel 9:27

Daniel 9:27 is one of the most critical verses referring to the covenant the Anti-Christ will make with the Jews to build a Jewish Temple in the Great Tribulation or the 70th week of Daniel. In this verse it first says he (the Anti-Christ or the Beast) probably with the help of the False Prophet or the Beast out of the Land will make a covenant with many meaning the Jewish people and nation of Israel for one week of 7 years. The verse then says that in the midst of the week the Anti-Christ will make the covenant and oblation to cease implying that they will be going for some time by then probably since the Anti-Christ made the covenant with the Jews three and a half years earlier at the beginning of the 7 year Tribulation or 70th week of Daniel.

The Anti-Christ will then cause an overspreading of abomination which in the New Testament is revealed to be the Anti-Christ ceasing the Jewish animal sacrifices and Temple worship and installing himself in the temple probably in the holy place and presenting himself as God and constraining all people Jews and people of the nations (Gentiles) to worship him. This scripture in Daniel 9 is a as follows:

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate. Daniel 9:27

May 2019 Dispute Regarding Overlapping Israeli Jerusalem Day 6 Day Way Victory Celebration Holiday and Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan Holiday Times Cause Uncertainty Over Israel Allowing Jews to Ascend Up to Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day

According to a report "High Court to review decision to close Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day" on May 14, 2019 on the Israel Hayom web site the High or Supreme Court of Israel was scheduled to make a decision on Thursday, May 16, 2019 on whether Jews or Israelites would be allowed to enter the Temple Mount in this year of 2019 on Jerusalem Day. The problem this year that is causing the uncertainty about allowing Jews up to the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day which was on June 2, 2019 is that Jerusalem Day is at the same time as the last days of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan this year that ends on June 3rd or 4th and which month started on May 5 just after the May new moon. The Jerusalem police usually in different years close the Temple Mount to all Jews or other non-Muslims in the last days of Ramadan. However there is an extra complication when the last days of Ramadan occurs at the same time as the Jewish celebration of Jerusalem Day to mark the day according to the Jewish lunar calendar when Israel was successful in taking the Old City of Jeruselem including the Temple Mount in the 1967 Six Day War from the Arabs with that part of Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967 ruled by the nation of Jordan. The last time there was a conflict between the time of Jerusalem Day and the last days of Ramadan apparently was in 1988 about 30 years ago according to a report: "Jews Allowed Into Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day: Palestinian and Police Clash" from the Israeli web site Times of Israel and posted on the Temple Institute facebook account on June 2. At that time Israel closed the Temple Mount to Jews and other non-Muslims on Jerusalem Day.

The state of Israel led by the Israeli Prime Minister, currently Benjamin Netanyahu, had apparently been stating that the Temple Mount should be closed to Jews on Jerusalem Day in this year of 2019 because it occured at the same time as the last days of Ramadan. The state of Israel request to close the Temple Mount to Jewish pilgrims to the Temple Mount celebrating Jerusalem Day probably stated a concern the many Muslims up on the Temple Mount for Ramadan would get violent or riot if Jews were allowed to ascent the Temple Mount at the same time to celebrate the Jerusalem Day Israeli national holiday. It has been common practice for the Israeli authorities to close the Temple Mount to Jews if they think Muslims on the Temple Mount especially for celebration of some Islamic holiday would get violent rather than limiting Muslim presence there although there are times when Israel also limits Muslim access to the Temple Mount when such a situation is expected especially to younger Muslim men. According to the report: "Did police mislead Temple Mount worshippers?" on Israel National News on May 19, 2019 Attorney Aviad Visoli who represented the combined Jewish Israeli temple activist groups and members sent a petition to the Israel Supreme Court to insist the Jerusalem police keep the promise to keep the Temple Mount open to Jews at the usual times through the year. According to the Israel Hayom article this combined temple activist petition was against a statement by Jerusalem police chief Major General Doron Yedid to close the Temple Mount to Jews on Jerusalem Day in 2019 for the first time in 30 years because of its overlap this year with Ramadan. A response by the state of Israel which would be from either the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or the vote of the Israeli parliament the Knesset that was submitted to the Israel Supreme Court apparently on May 14 two days before the court hearing of Jewish access to the Temple Mount this year on Jerusalem Day was that the Temple Mount should be closed to Jews throughout Ramadan including on Jerusalem Day. However the day after this submission to the Israel Supreme Court by the state of Israel the Israel Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan sent a submission to the supreme court in support of access to the Temple Mount for Jewish Temple Mount activists. (The Israel Internal Security Minister is the cabinet minister in the Israeli government directly responsible for security of the Temple Mount but I believe he still has somewhat less authority in this regard than the Prime Minister of Israel.) At this Supreme Court of Israel hearing on May 16th representatives of the Jerusalem police gave a statement saying in part: "everything possible would be done to allow Jews and other religions to go to the Temple Mount as is customary during the year, including Jerusalem Day".

According to the Israel National News article: "Did police mislead Temple Mount worshippers?" after the statement by Jerusalem police to the Israel Supreme Court in favour of allowing Jewish access to the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day the supreme court decided against the petition for Jewish access to the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day in 2019 by the combined Jewish Temple Mount activist organizations. According to the article in Times of Israel: "Jews Allowed into Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day: Palestinians and Police Clash" and posted on the Temple Institute facebook account the Israel Supreme Court ruling on May 16th against the temple mount activist petition to allow Jewish access to the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day also allowed the ultimate decision on whether to allow Jewish or other non-Muslim access to the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day to the Jerusalem police. Later on May 16th after the supreme court decision according to the Israel National News article some Jews who support maximum Jewish access to the Temple Mount went to the Mugrabi Gate Jewish and non-Muslim access gate to the Temple Mount and found the gate locked. (There are several other gates to the Temple Mount at other parts of the boundary of the Temple Mount that are only allowed for Muslims to use for access to the Temple Mount.) (The Mugrabi Gate to the Temple Mount is just near the plaza before the Western or Wailing Wall of the Temple Mount.) On Monday, May 20th combined temple mount organization attorney Visoli made a statement insisting that Israel Police open the Temple Mount to Jews as usual also for the 2019 Ramadan time especially for Jerusalem Day. Mr. Visoli mentioned in the statement that the Israel Internal Security Minister had instructed and that the Jerusalem police had promised to do this in the supreme court hearing on the 16th. Attorney Visoli then made a statement insisting if the Temple Mount is not open he would immediately appeal on behalf of Jewish temple organizations to enforce the verdict (that the Jerusalem police could still open the Temple Mount during Ramadan especially on Jerusalem Day to Jews if they say fit) with Attorney Visoli saying this appeal would be: "under a contempt of court order, without dela, and without further warning." The Israel Hayom article stated about the supreme court decision of May 16th and how the Jerusalem police might respond to the Jewish Temple Mount activists' desire to go up to the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day in 2019 with it also being during the final days of Ramadan in 2019 as follows at the end of their article: "The High Court could decide to instruct the police to open the Temple Mount to Jews on June 2, but restrict hours. No matter how it rules, the decision will likely have ramifications for years to come."

June 2019 Events on Jerusalem Day (and One of the Final Days of Ramadan) 2019 in Jewish Islamic Struggle for Control of Temple Mount

Although the May 2019 Israel Supreme Court decision on whether to allow Jewish access to the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day 2019 would include even limited time access for Jews to the Temple Mount on that day, the court's decision to leave the ultimate decision to Jerusalem police ultimately resulted in that outcome. According to the posting of the Temple Institute to their Facebook account on June 2 more than 1000 Jews came to the Jewish entrance or Mugrabi Gate of the Temple Mount early on June 2 (Jerusalem Day) and found the gate to the Temple Mount still locked to them. They were still determined to go up to the Temple Mount this year on Jerusalem Day to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of freedom to access the Temple Mount achieved by Israel as part of its victory in the 1967 Six Day War against opposing neighbouring Arab and mostly Muslim nations. Of course the Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism in the world and the third holist site in the world in the Islamic religion. According to the Times of Israel article posted on June 2nd by the Temple Institute on their facebook account the Jerusalem police decided to let the Jewish Temple Mount access supporters go up to the Temple Mount after they conducted a security assessment. The police then let the Temple Mount Jewish activists up to the Temple Mount after suppressing some demonstrations of Muslims who were already on the Temple Mount for Ramadan against the arrival of the Jewish worshippers who sought to celebrate the Israeli victory over the Arabs including the achievement of some Israeli control over the Temple Mount in the 1967 Six Day War. The Jewish Temple Mount pilgrims, including one of the Temple Institute leaders Rabbi Chaim Richman, then went up to the Temple Mount with protection of Jerusalem police and took a tour or pilgrimage of the Temple Mount in the usual route for observant Jews around the Temple Mount plaza or what is mostly the former Herod's or Second Temple's outer court or Court of the Gentiles of the Temple Mount and then would have exited the Temple Mount back through the same Mugrabi Gate near the Western Wall plaza. There was then some antagonistic response by Muslims present to the passing Jewish pilgrims including shouts of the Islamic Allah or God is great chant by both Muslim men and women to which some of the Jewish pilgrims countered with Jewish or Israeli nationalist stagements or songs. All of this confrontation on and competition over the authority of the Temple Mount can be seen on some video clips on the Facebook page of the Temple Institute or perhaps their Youtube account, on Israel National News, the BBC or perhaps other places as well as the confrontation between angry Muslims and some of the Jerusalem police that were sent to protect the Jewish pilgrims and control some of the Muslim riots on the Temple Mount.

The riots by the Muslims included Muslims throwing stones, shoes and chairs at Jerusalem police and perhaps attempting to do this to some extent at some of the Jewish pilgrims on the Temple Mount. As has happened in previous riots or violent demonstrations by Muslims on the Temple Mount, including some previous times by the permission of Jewish access to the Temple Mount, some of the rioting Muslims would seek sanctuary in the Al Aqsa mosque which is at the south end of the Temple Mount and that has a grey dome. The Muslims who threw the chairs at Jerusalem Police would likely have obtained the chairs and some of the stones from the Al Aqsa mosque as well as some of the shoes. The Jerusalem police responded with shooting rubber bullets at some of the Muslim protesters and arresting and removing from the Temple Mount for charges some of the Muslim rioters. At least one Jewish pilgrim was also arrested on the Temple Mount for saying the Jewish Kaddish mourner's prayer out loud with Jewish or other non-Muslim prayer out loud generally forbidden on the Temple Mount by the Status Quo Temple Mount operations agreement that allow Jewish access to the Temple Mount but not audible prayer or similiar religious or nationalist expression and allows Islamic access and prayer etc. and other peaceful religious etc. expression on the Temple Mount. After the about 3 hours of alotted time for Jews to access the Temple Mount and the end of the time of Jewish worsippers on the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day there were some continuing conflicts with Muslim rioters and Jerusalem police as the Jerusalem police got the situation on the Temple Mount back in peaceful order. There were likely complaints to Israel and the international authorities by the Palestinian and Jordanian authorities who represent Muslim control over the Temple Mount especially through the Mufti or Islamic leader of Jerusalem and the Islamic Waqf that governs the Temple Mount for Muslims. Israel banned and blocked access to the Temple Mount to Jews and other non-Muslims for the remaining days of Ramadan after Jerusalem Day in 2019. The situation will likely return to normal operations on the Temple Mount after Ramadan and Jerusalem Day.

June 2019 Bible Prophecy Significance of Recent Conflict Over Respective Temple Mount Access of Jews, Other Non-Muslims and Muslims

Although there have been some times or periods of intense strife between Jews and/or Israeli authorities and Muslim protesters and/or authorities regarding the Temple Mount (which the Muslims call Haram al-Sharif or the Noble Sanctuary) in the past including the last several years, the events of the last several weeks are still quite exceptional. The exceptional nature of the events of the last several weeks especially Jerusalem Day during the last days of Ramadan is especially because of the more organized and effective efforts of the combined Jewish Temple Mount activist organizations. (A couple decades ago these organizations were not nearly so united or as effective with legal representation or some political support in Israel.) What is quite exceptional about the recent events on and leading up to Jerusalem Day is that the Jewish Temple Mount activist organizations and members were able to persist and represent their views sufficiently strongly to make their point in leading Israeli organizations such as the Israeli Supreme Court, the Jerusalem police and some leading Israeli politicians in such as way that they succeeded in getting some Jewish access to the Temple Mount to celebrate a major in this case nationalist Jewish Israeli holiday Jerusalem Day, the victory of Israel over its Arab and Muslim oppenents in the 1967 Six Day War especially obtaining some control over the Old City of Temple Mount in Jerusalem, even though Jerusalem Day this year was at the same time as the major Islamic Holy month of Ramadan when the Temple Mount is usually closed to Jews and other non-Muslims. Also important is that, unlike some past responses to Jewish Muslim strife on the Temple Mount, the new closer and more co-operative relation of Jewish Temple Mount activist groups with the Jerusalem police achieved a couple years ago bore fruit this year for the Jewish Temple groups with ultimately leading the Jerusalem police to allow the Jewish pilgrims to go up to and tour and to some extent worship the true God. This true God is the LORD (Jehovah or Yahweh that in the fuller New Testament scripture revelation is composed of One Being in Three Persons Father, Son (bodily manifest in Jesus of Nazareth) and Holy Spirit) although most of these Temple Mount activist Jews would only see the LORD or Yahweh as One Person as well as One Being closer to being what Christians call God the Father.)

I therefore believe these events of and leading up to Jerusalem Day during the Islamic Ramadan this year indicate all the more that the coming false peace of Satan's man the Antichrist or the Beast out of the Sea, Man of Sin and he who causes abomination will very soon reveal himself publicly by coming on the world stage to announce he has led the confirmation of a Middle East peace treaty (covenant) that will allow the Jews to build their next Jewish Temple (the 3rd or tribulation temple) on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem that he will initially say will allow the Jews to worship the God of the Bible who is the true God the LORD or Yahweh according to the divine service by the Levitical priesthood as with the previous Israelite tabernacle and on the Temple Mount or Mount Moriah Solomon's (the 1st) Temple and Zerubbabel's than Herod's Temple(these two together the 2nd) Temple. This Middle East peace treaty will likely also be with Muslim nations especially those surrounding Israel and world powers like those that compose the so-called Quartet of the European Union (EU), the United States (US), the United Nations (UN) and Russia and possibly other world powers like China etc. perhaps beyond their involvement in the UN. This false peace of the Antichrist with his partner the False Prophet or Beast out of the Land will likely be led by the revived roman empire that the Antichrist will come out of based in Europe or the European Union. A main statement of this false peace is in the prophecy of the seventy weeks of years in Daniel 9 especially verse 27 which starts with the statement: "And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week (of seven years the Israelite agricultural sabbatical year): and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease...". Of course currently, in June 2019, the United States is about to reveal their new wider regional Middle East peace deal US President Donald Trump's so-called Deal of the Century but the EU is not or doesn't seem to be too active in promoting a counter offer for a Middle East peace deal other than still insisting in the traditional Two State Solution or Oslo Accord peace deal formula. The already high and recently heightened and not likely to be too much reduced tension between Jews and Muslims or evangelical Christian supporters of Orthodox or other Jewish Third Temple building advocates or western, Muslim or other opponents of Jews or Israel who support more Arab or Muslim control of the Old City of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount will likely continue to generally grow and not be able to be solved by mere human beings and their especially political efforts.

I believe this is further indication that there will be a solution to this Middle East especially Jewish Israeli and Muslim whether Arab, Iranian or otherwise strife including over the Temple Mount and authority or access to it will soon have a supernatural solution as outlined in Daniel 9 and other bible scriptures such as the agreement with death in Isaiah 28 or the statement of peace and safety in 1 Thessalonians 5 or the arrangement for sharing the Temple Mount in the first half of the tribulation described in Revelation 11:1-2. I also believe these recent and other recent or likely other soon coming events in the Middle East including directly regarding the Temple Mount mean the rapture or catching up of the true Church or true Christians to heaven with Jesus as mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 4, 1 Corinthians 15 or John 14 etc. just before this false of the Antichrist is also very soon. The true Church needs to be removed from the earth so God can then focus more fully on physically to the promised land of Israel God covenanted to the Jews or Israelites and to restore many more of them to a personally spiritually restored relation to Him as their God including His Son Jesus Christ as their Messiah come once and about to come again this time to rule the Earth from Jerusalem through restored Israel and her Messiah Jesus of Nazareth but with some supporting role of the true Church and the saved of the nations from non-Church ages such as the Old Testament times and the 7 year tribulation or 70th week of Daniel. The confirmation of the Middle East peace treaty by the Antichrist with Israel and others to allow Israel to build their Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem among other things will start the 7 year tribulation or 70th week of Daniel's prophecy in Daniel 9.

The Antichrist will unilaterally break that covenant or treaty with Israel half way through the 70th week or after 3 1/2 years or 42 months or 1260 days in Revelation 11-13 and remove the Jews or their Levite or Jewish priest religious leaders and take over the Temple Mount and then by then fully built 3rd Temple Jewish Temple or Temple of God to do what he intended all along that is use it as a focal point to force all people left on earth to worship him as God as well as the devil the dragon or Satan who gave him this power and that will be temporarily allowed by the true Almighty Creator God of the Bible. This situation is described in the later part of Daniel 9:27, part of 2 Thessalonians 2, Matthew 24:15 and Revelation 13 and some other scriptures and will continue until the glorious Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to earth. At the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ He will on behalf of God the Father set up God's Kingdom over all the Earth as the Second Adam, Saviour of the world, Son of God, King of kings, King of Israel in the line of king David etc. and judge the world to remove all people who still haven't trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour and become some of God's restored people. Jesus will at His second coming also remove all demons from the Earth or around the Earth or any other demons left in the heavens and confine them all to the bottomless pit with the devil for a thousand years as in Revelation 20 and consistent with the general idea of Matthew 13:41 etc. The true Church of Christians or people of this age from Pentecost about 2000 years ago in Jerusalem to the very soon coming rapture or catching up of the true Church to the 3rd or highest heaven will at the Second Coming of Jesus at the end of the tribulation come from heaven with Jesus with many of the holy angels and the Shekinah glory of God the Father and many of the holy angels to set up and enjoy God's Millennial or Messianic Kingdom on earth as in Revelation 19 and 20, Acts 1:7-11, Matthew 26:62-65, 2 Thessalonians 1, Zechariah 14, Psalm 24, Daniel 7:13-14, Zechariah 12 etc.

In view of the current and continuing to develop events in our world especially in Jerusalem, Israel and other parts of the Middle East, including these recent events on Jerusalem Day and the Islamic Ramadan on the Temple Mount I would strongly encourage the reader to as soon as possible with your heart as will as your mind admit you are a sinner in God's sight according to His word the Holy Bible and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour who died on the cross for our sins after living a sinless life and then rose from the dead on the third day after His cruxifiction partly by His own power so you can have eternal life, have an eternal home in and blessed life with the true God and His people in the heavenly Jerusalem, as well as the new earth and new heavens forever Revelation 21 and 22, have all your sins forgiven and have a spiritually restored relation with God as well as be brought to heaven and escape having to endure being on earth during the global Satanic rule of the beast or antichrist and severe plagues by God or His holy angels as in the Book of Revelation to those on earth during the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel.

with Jesus

April 2019 Passover Re-Enactment and Preparation for Third Temple Service in Jerusalem Including Levitical Choir But With Limitations by Jerusalem Police

On Monday, April 15th, 2019 in the week leading up to the Jewish Passover a Passover Re-Enactment and Preparation as in past Jewish Temple and preparing for the Third one was held. This cerememony was still held in the Old City of Jerusalem overlooking the Temple Mount but not as close to the Temple Mount as last year. According to Mordechai Persoff, leader of Mikdash (Temple) Educational Center who helped organize the event this year, according to the web site Breaking Israel News, the groups involved and the organizers of the Jewish Temple Passover Re-enactment encountered much more resistance from police and perhaps some other authorities this year than last year and perhaps previous years. This involved having to fill out multiple copies of official forms to gain approval to hold the event and being refused by police or other government authorities to be allowed to hold the event closer to the Temple Mount such as at the Davidson Centre at the foot of the south end of the Temple Mount where it was held last year. This resistance by the Jerusalem police and some government authorities to the holding or the nature of this authentic Jewish Temple and priesthood related version of Passover likely also compelled the organizers and some reporters of this event to instead bill it only as a re-enactment of the previous Temple Passovers instead of also a preparation for as soon as possible having authentic Passover observances in the next Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The latter is an even greater reason why organizers and participants of this event are involved and support carrying out this ceremony and to what they believe to hasten the coming of the Jewish Messiah and the Messianic Kingdom and God's fuller blessing and protection of His chosen earthly nation and people of Israel.

There was again, however, authentic Jewish priests in the line of Aaron dressed in white linen garments, as instructed by God in Exodus 28 and 39 for them, carrying out the offering of the Passover lamb or goat on an Law of Moses consistent altar of sacrifice. These Levitical priests also used a laver to wash their hands and feet and lit a Menorah and blew silver trumpets at different times during the service to the LORD including at the actual offering of the Passover lamb or goat to the LORD as was also the tradition in Bible or Jewish Temple times. The priests also splashed some of the blood of the Passover lamb or goat against the side of a model altar. The Jewish priests have done this part of the ceremony at the side of a more authentic larger Jewish altar in previous ceremonies but could have been discouraged to do this this time also by the Jerusalem police or government authorities that apparently more this time consider those involved in these Jewish Temple restoration groups as political or religious extremists. There was still a significant crowd of supportive spectators despite heavy rain at the event this year which could be a deterrent since the event was mostly held in the open air. One particular good thing that was a sign of progress this year was that there was a band or choir of men with direct genetic links to the Levites and who are Temple service qualified Levites who gave the musical accompanyment to the service this year. They performed in a tan coloured tent just on the edge of the site where the Jewish temple related Passover ceremony was held in Jerusalem. This Levitical choir sang and played some instruments with Jewish music from the Hallel service according to the article Passover Sacrifice Reenactment: Success Despite Political Pushback by Breaking Israel News. The Hallel or Grand Hallel were the collective series of Psalms from Psalm 113 to 118 inclusive that were traditionally sung by the Levitical choir in the Temple during Temple or Bible days and by Jews in general in other places then and since that time apparently to the current day. Especially Psalm 118 among those Psalms includes a number of strong Messianic references. Although the participants of this musical group and perhaps the music they used as authentic for a Levitical choir in the Temple at Passover there were some elements that weren't as authentic and wouldn't yet be acceptable for their performing the worship music in an authentic or biblical way in the rebuilt Jewish temple in Jerusalem. This includes that the dress of the men was not in white linen robes with a sash but in a black suit jacket and pants and white shirt with tie and Jewish kippa on their heads and that they didn't play the traditional Levitical instruments of harps, lyres and cymbals but with western style keyboard and other modern western instruments including perhaps electronic synthesizer. In conclusion then, I was also disappointed that this year the Temple restoration groups including The Temple Institute and United Temple Mount Movement and others ran into more roadblocks than usual from Jerusalem police or other Israeli government officials towards holding this Jewish Temple service related Passover event including having to go through more red tape of signing forms, not getting to hold it as close as last time to the Temple Mount and perhaps having to downplay its preparation for the next temple I was glad they were able to hold it again and that some progress was made this year to being ready to hold it the rebuilt or Third Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem with the participation of a Levitical choir.

In view that this quite authentic Jewish Passover service was held again in the Old City of Jerusalem not far from the Temple Mount and that it again involved actual offering of a Passover lamb or goat by biblically suitable dressed Jewish priests and that this year the service included at least some elements of a suitable Levitical choir these events are still a sign that the Third Temple in Jerusalem and the Divine service there will soon be restored. In view of this and that the confirmation and approval to let that service be restored will be by the Antichrist, Man of Sin, or he who causes abomination in his covenant with Israel and many (other nations) and that that will officially start the 7 year tribulation according to Daniel 9:27 I would encourage the reader to get ready for the true Messiah Jesus' soon return. This is because I and other Christians or Messianic Jews who take the Bible particularly literally and in context believe there will be a restoration of Israel including the Jews Who are God's chosen earthly nation and physical descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) in the last days. To make way for their fuller restoration God will remove His chosen heavenly people the Church when its main task of winning some people of all nations or ethnic groups to saving faith in God through His Son Jesus Christ and His death on the cross for our sins and rising from the dead to give us eternal life. Since this Great Commission is also nearing completion and since the above Temple groups are very supportive and already quite close to restoring physical worship of God in the rebuilt Jewish Temple in Jerusalem I would encourage you the reader, if you haven't already done so to personally wholeheartedly trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour so you can not only have forgiveness of all your sins in God's sight, salvation, eternal life, an eternal home in heaven and be a spiritually restored child of God but so you can also take part in the pre-tribulation rapture of taking to heaven of the true Church and avoid going through the 7 year tribulation on earth and experiencing the worldwide tyrannical rule of Satan's man the Antichrist or Beast and God's judgments and plagues on this world for sins and ungodliness. If you have already or if you trust in the Lord Jesus Christ at least before the rapture of the Church and immediately following tribulation on earth you can also be assured you will be part of the true Church, with some Old Testament saints and Holy Angels, and glory of God the Father that will be with the Lord Jesus Christ in His glorious Second Coming from heaven to earth at the end of the tribulation. At Jesus Second Coming He will judge the world and establish God's visible kingdom over all the earth based in Jerusalem and through spiritually and physically restored Israel and spiritually restored people of the nations with Jesus then on His throne of the holy of holies in the real Messianic Kingdom Temple or perhaps 4th Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as in Zechariah 14, Isaiah 2, Ezekiel 40-48, Matthew 23:37-39.

March 2019 Dispute Between Israel and Palestinian Arabs Over Formerly Closed Shrine Near the Golden or Mercy Gate on the Temple Mount and Implications

There is a small shrine on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem near the Golden Gate or Mercy Gate which is called Sha'ar HaRachamaim in Hebrew and Bab al-Rahma in Arabic. This gate is just above the East(ern) Gate that leads to the Mount of Olives to the East of the Old City and will be used by the Lord Jesus Christ and the Shekinah Glory of God the Father to enter Jerusalem to make it the capital of the earth after Jesus' second coming and to set up the Messianic or Millennial Kingdom. A scripture reference to this is in Ezekiel 43 and 44. According to reports in Israel National News and the Times of Israel as referenced by the Temple Institute in their Facebook web page this Temple Mount shrine was closed for use by anyone in 2003 when some Palestinian Arabs associated with the terrorist Islamic organization Hamas were using it and planning to destroy some Jewish architecture there that dates back at least to the 2nd or Herod's Temple about 2000 years ago. This year there was a attempt by radical Muslims to take and occupy this shrine by force which they succeeded in doing by some of the men kicking down some of the fences guarding it. This was after a couple failed attempts when they were turned away by force from this area by the Israeli Temple Police. Recently there has been a change in the Islamic trust, the Waqf, that oversees the daily operations in the Temple Mount which the Muslims call Haram al-Sharif or Noble Sanctuary from 11 members to 18 to allow for more Palestinian Arab members. These Palestinian Arab members are in addition to the Jordanian members of the Waqf that has traditionally, since 1967, been the main authority composing the Waqf. The Jordanian members of the Waqf have traditionally been close to the Jordanian king now King Abdullah. The Jordanians were given authority through the Waqf over much of the oversight of the Temple Mount as part of the 1994 peace agreement between Jordan and Israel.

As a result of the forced entry into the Temple Mount shrine by some Arab rioters organized and led by some members of the Waqf Israel through its courts and Temple police did give some response. Some of these more militant actions by the Arabs were likely organized by the increasingly militant composition of the Waqf since it expanded to include more militant Palestinian Arab members. Israel responded by arresting about 60 Arabs including some leaders of the Waqf who were involved in the forced occupation of the Temple Mount shrine near the Golden Gate. Some of these Waqf leaders were also forcibly barred from the Temple Mount for up to 40 days. As a result of this both the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and Jordan who all don't recognize Israeli court or police actions against the Waqf or Waqf initiated actions for greater Muslim control on the Temple Mount criticized the Israeli actions as heavy handed and illegitimate. Partly due to this the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made some concessions to allow some continued access for the Arab Muslims such as allowing them to have meetings at this shrine twice per month. This decision to make concessions to the Muslims for their forced seizure of this part of the Temple Mount was critized by some more right wing or Zionist and loyal to the Jewish character of Israel including the Temple Mount members of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament). One such Israeli Knesset member who criticized Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's decision to allow the Muslims some continued access to this Temple Mount shrine due to their taking it by force is National Union or I think Jewish Home party leader Bezaled Smotrich. Mr. Smotrich took issue with Mr. Netanyahu's appeasement of the Muslims on the Temple Mount in this situation in a recent letter he wrote to Prime Minister Netanyahu saying in part: "Mr. Prime Minister, the fact that negotiations are held with criminals like him is a dangerous concession to violence. It is unthinkable that a sinner (some of the Arab Muslims especially the involved Muslim Waqf Temple Mount foundation leaders involved in this incident) should come out rewarded and the one-sided step the Waqf took in forcing its way into the compound should become an achievement. It is clear that slowly but surely the use of the (Temple Mount) compound will be expanded and within a short time the criminals and their emissaries will receive everything they desire."

Also related to this recent unrest around the shrine on the Temple Mount near the Golden Gate apparently the Muslims encouraged by the Islamic Waqf authority have been encouraging fundamentalist Muslims from other nations such as Wahhabi Muslims from the United Kingdom or fundamentalist Muslims from Turkey to visit the Temple Mount as tourists and do some of Waqf's dirty work and take outspoken words or actions on the Temple Mount against what sustained Israeli authority there is on the Temple Mount and demand more Muslim control there. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking especially to uphold the Status Quo internationally agreed guidelines for the Temple Mount which allows Muslims to go up there and worship including pray there and for Jews or other non-Muslims to visit the Temple Mount but not to pray or worship there and for Muslims not to intimidate Jews or other non-Muslims from visiting the Temple Mount in the allowing visiting times on the Temple Mount for Jews or non-Muslims. As a result of the decision of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to allow some Muslim access to the Temple Mount shrine near the Golden Gate, that is seen as a capitulation to the Muslims by some Israeli Jews, more Jews than usual were visiting the Temple Mount in early March to defend their continued access to the Temple Mount. Also MK (Member of the Knesset) Bezalel Smotrich and others called for the construction of a synagogue on the Temple Mount, especially at the location of the Golden Gate shrine so Jews could pray on the Temple Mount. One of the most recent developments in this matter is that Jordan's King Abdullah is planning to soon visit the United States and speak before the United States Congress in Washington DC and share the Jordanian view on authority and events on the Temple Mount and try to persuade US Congress members to more greatly support the Jordanian than the Israeli view on authority of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. King Abdullah could also seek to meet with US President Donald Trump or other White House officials when he is in Washington to share the Jordanian and Muslim position on the Temple Mount including the latest crisis centred on this Golden Gate Temple Mount shrine.

From a literal and dispensational Bible prophecy viewpoint such as I have, these recent events and conflict regarding Jewish or Muslim authority on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem likely means we are that much closer to the false Middle East peace by agreement of the Antichrist with Israel and other nations mentioned in Daniel 9:27 and elsewhere in the Bible. This covenant or peace agreement will include allowing Israel to rebuild their Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and use it for the Levitical sacrificial system as in Bible days for the first 3 1/2 year half of the tribulation. This temple would then by taken over by the Antichrist as tribulation period world leader to conduct forced worship of him sitting in that temple as God by the remaining inhabitants on earth. This forced worship of the devil's man the Antichrist or he who causes abomination or the beast out of the sea or man of sin will continue until the end of the seven year seventieth week of the prophecy in Daniel 9 with the defeat of the Antichrist and all people who are still following the world system by the Lord Jesus Christ when He comes from heaven at His glorious second coming to judge the world and set up God's Kingdom on earth. Since there are currently with this unrest on the Temple Mount including around the Golden Gate or East Gate in Jerusalem and this could likely mean it is that much closer to the revelation of the Antichrist to rule the world from Jerusalem in the 7 year tribulation and that the immediately preceding rapture or catching up to heaven of all true Christians or the true Church I would encourage the reader to take these recent events in Jerusalem as an incentive to immediately trust in Jesus. Trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ as one's personal Lord and Saviour who died on the cross for our sins and rose again the third day from the dead to offer God's eternal and resurrection life and restored relationship to Him through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ is not only the true God's only way of salvation but also His way of ensuring we who are or become part of His restored children are not left behind on earth during the tribulation but are caught to heaven beforehand to join Jesus and God the Father in heaven in our new eternal heavenly homes and that we will also be able to return at the end of the 7 year tribulation with Jesus from heaven to join Him in enjoying the blessings of His Messianic or Millennial Kingdom rule and true peace on and over all the Earth.

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