Antichrist or the Beast Out of the Sea

Scriptural Background of the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea

The real beginning of the idea of the Antichrist began with the Jewish people in the period between the Old and New Testament in the 2nd century BC. At that time Israel was under the control of the Greeks. Although this period is between the Old and New Testaments some of the major events are prophesied in considerable detail in the Book of Daniel. In Daniel chapter 11 the "little horn" or "vile person" is mentioned. This refers to Antiochus Ephiphanes who defiled the Jewish Temple in 165 BC by offering a pig or swine on it. A pig is an unclean animal or abomination to the Jews in Daniel 11:31. It also mentions that he will take away the daily sacrifice in Daniel 11:31. Those that know their God were the Jewish fighters named the Maccabees. The idea of the Antichrist was also in Antiochus Ephiphanes trying to set up an ungodly government to suppress the worship of the One true God in this case the Jewish worship of Him and to suppress their nation. This is mentioned in Daniel 11:28, 30 in the statement that he shall have indignation or anger against the holy covenant meaning Israel's covenant relationship with God. This will also be the case of the Antichrist or Beast out of the sea in the 70th week of Daniel or the Great Tribulation although he will also be against anyone placing genuine faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as the promised Jewish Messiah and Saviour of the world.

New Testament Background of the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea

In the New Testament period because it was corrupt and ungodly and persecuted Christians and didn't accept the Christian teaching that Jesus Christ is the only way to God and know Him and get His eternal life and that He will set up God's government over the Earth, the 1st century Christians saw the Roman Caesars and the Roman Empire as the Antichrist or the government of the Antichrist. This comes across very strongly in the book of Revelation. Evangelical Christians, however, believe with globalization, increasing intrusion of privacy, increase of ungodliness and the rise of the European Union that the Antichrist will be revealed soon, right after the rapture or catching up to heaven of all true Christians. We think the Antichrist will rule the world from Europe possibly Rome. He will have relations in power with the other kings of the Earth and the last days interfaith religious system that will probably be headed by the Roman Catholic Church. The Antichrist is also called the Beast out of the Sea of Perdition and the Man of Sin. The Antichrist especially in the second half of the Tribulation will be totally submissive and loyal to and empowered by the devil or the dragon - Satan or Lucifer. He will also be part of the Satanic Trinity of the last days that will be Satan's counterfeit of the Divine Trinity. The Antichrist will be like Jesus Christ in the Divine Trinity in that he will be the main Incarnation but of Satan and evil instead of God the Father and good as is the case of the Lord Jesus Christ. Besides the Antichrist will include Satan and the Beast out of the Land or the False Prophet. The Beast out of the land will most likely be Jewish as the land always speaks of the Jews and their land of Israel in the Bible while the sea often speaks of the nations or the Gentiles. The Beast out of the land will be the Satanic counterpart for the Holy Spirit and Satan will be the evil counterpart for God the Father.

December 2017 Deal Reached Between United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) To Conclude First Round of Brexit (Britain or the UK leaving the Eu) Talks

In December 2017 negotiators for the United Kingdom (UK) or Great Britain and the European Union (EU) reached an agreement on the main issues for the first round of Brexit or Britain leaving the European Union talks. All phases of these talks are scheduled to be completed before early 2019. The next round of talks will focus on the new basis for economic trade between the UK and the EU after the UK leaves the EU by early 2019. In this round of talks there were basically three issues that have each been now satisfactorily agreed on in the view of those in power in both the UK and EU. These issues are for the UK to give some compensation money to the EU for expenses of the UK leaving the EU. This amount will total around 35 to 39 billion pounds according to the BBC or about 40 to 45 billion euros according to EU Observer. A second main issue that was discussed and agreed upon in this round of talks was the status of the land border between the UK's part of Ireland that is Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland in the South that is not part of the UK but is maintaining its membership in the EU. This matter was partly solved by delaying some of the details to the second round of Brexit talks. However there was an agreement that Northern Ireland would stay as part of the UK and mostly with its laws and that there wouldn't be a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This latter measure is to maintain some of the freedom for individuals and goods across the border that had been gained with the Good Friday agreement that brought more power sharing and peace between Roman Catholic and Protestant factions in Northern Ireland. The other main measure of the three agreed to between the EU and UK in this first round of Brexit talks was the matter of citizen rights both of citizens of the EU living in the UK and of UK citizens living in the EU. There are approximately now 3 million EU nationals in the UK and about 1 million UK citizens in the EU. Whose law EU citizens in the UK lived under was a major area of contention beween the European Union and the UK Brexit supporters. According to EUObserver, removing the authority of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg over EU nationals in the UK was a main goal of Brexit supporters while maintaining the authority of the ECJ over these EU nationals in the UK was a main goal of the EU. According to this EU Observer article What are the key points of the Brexit deal both sides compromised. What was agreed was that the EU will maintain some indirect or partial influence of the ECJ over their nationals in Britain. This will be done by the UK continuing to take ECJ case law into account for cases involving EU nationals in the UK. The courts in the UK will also be able to but aren't required to up to 8 years after the end of the Brexit negotiations in early 2019 to consult the ECJ about law for rights for its citizens in other countries such as the UK. Putting these EU citizens' rights in the UK for after Brexit will be overseen by the EU Commission and an autonomous UK national department. This agreement also established that nationals of the EU that are away from the UK for more than 5 years or nationals of the UK that are away from a nation of the EU for more than 5 years would lose their residence status. The agreement states, according to the BBC, that UK nationals living in a EU nation would have the same rights as citizens of that EU country but that they would lose them if they moved to another EU nation.

Possible Bible Prophecy Significance of Brexit Process

In general, the Brexit process is continuing and making progress and will become more entrenched after the Brexit deadline in early 2019 whether there is a soft or hard Brexit that is whether most of the details of the separation process between the UK and EU are agreed on beforehand or not. However from a Bible Prophecy perspective in which the Antichrist according to Daniel 2 and 7 likely will come from a Revived Roman Empire and from Daniel 9 in the 70 weeks of years and from Revelation 17 likely come from Rome or the European part of the Revived Roman Empire where Roman culture that continues to some extent in general in Europe and in some ways particularly through the Roman Catholic Church are more maintained. North Africa, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon were also part of the Roman Empire before but they are now clearly under Arab or Turkish and Islamic culture and religion which is much more different than earlier Roman Empire culture compared to what is maintained in Europe. Israel was also part fo the Roman Empire but it has now regained much of its Jewish culture and religion which is also farther from Roman culture and religion than the extent of Roman Empire culture and religion maintained in Europe. Therefore most likely the Antichrist and his power base in the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel will be in Europe. England, but not Scotland or Ireland were part of the initial Roman Empire.

In Daniel 7 a beast with ten horns representing the revived Roman Empire led by the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea in the tribulation will have three of those horns or three regions of the world taken out and replaced by a little horn (the Antichrist being himself the little horn). Each of these horns are regions of the world since it says in Daniel 7 that this beast will devour the whole world. The division of the world into 10 regions will likely follow the divisions that were adopted from the globalist Club of Rome that I heard are already followed to some extent in the world in such spheres as the banking and computer worlds of business. Three of these regions are Russia and Eastern Europe, Western Europe and English North America (the US and Canada). I believe these are the three regions that will be the power base of the Antichrist, Little Horn or Beast out of the Sea or Man of Sin in the 7 year tribulation after the rapture of the Church. Of course the UK both geographically and culturally is a main link between Western Europe and English North America so I think that is further reason that the Antichrist will likely restore the UK to be culturally, politically and economically associated with the rest of Europe and English North America in the tribulation. This would include to reverse any status of the UK separated from mainland Europe that will be effect by that time.

I believe the rapture of the true Church of Christians who have personally trusted in Jesus alone for salvation through His death on the cross for our sins and resurrection from the dead to restore us to God the Father and the following tribulation on Earth for those left behind is now very near likely within only a few years. Therefore I don't think the Brexit agreement if it does go into effect in 2019 before the rapture will remain in effect very much beyond that before the rapture of the Church and beginning of the reign on earth of the devil's man the Antichrist. However the Antichrist will only reign on Earth for seven years and still be under limits of the true God Father, Son (the Lord Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit as mentioned in God's word the Holy Bible. I would still urge the reader to trust in the LOrd Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and SAviour who died on the cross for our sins and rose again from the dead to give us God's resurrection life and eternal blessed relationship with Him and so you can also avoid being left behind on earth for the darkest hour of those dwelling on Earth in the tribulation.

October 2017 5 Year Chinese Party Congress Held in Beijing China With Large Change in Chinese Leadership Expected in World's Second Largest Economy

At the Chinese Communist Conference that happens in the Chinese capital Beijing there will be over 2000 Communist Party delegates. This is the regular 5 year conference that has the review, promotion or replacement of many of the leadership positions including some top leadership positions as one of its main objectives according to the BBC and other sources. This conference has a closed door format. Current Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping was generally thought to be given a further term as overall Chinese leader and this was what happened. At this conference there is also selection of who else rules or continues to rule China for the next 5 years in other top positions in the Chinese Communist Party under its top leader who continues to be Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping. There were expected to be and actually was a large turnover of other leading positions under Chinese President Xi in main policy making group called the Politburo Standing Committee and could be compared to a collection of top Secretarial or Cabinet Minister positions in the US or other western governments. At this conference there are also major national policy decisions made and announced for China for the next 5 years or longer.

To welcome the congress delegates there are extensive greeting banners and festival decorations or patriotic entertainers. On a more sombre note Beijing was also at the 5 year communist congress time on high security alert with much heavier coverage of security police which had effects including longer lines at railway stations and other transportation centres due to extra security checks. Due to all the extra security and probably some roads being closed or disrupted due to the conference some restaurants, gyms, nightclubs and karaoke bars temporarily closed down during the conference and Airbnb and some other room-sharing businesses limited operations at the time due to decreased demand. The austerity or anti-corruption initiative launched by Chinese President Xi near the beginning of his first term in 2012 led to a more limited congress this time including reports from China that there less extensive welcome features at Beijing hotels such as decorations and extragavent meals.

A common expectation of China watchers is that this conference would result in more concentration of Chinese power in the hands of its leader Xi Jinping which is certainly what happened looking back on the conference. At the conference it is anticipated that the Chinese Communist Party will amend its constitution to include a prominent place for the philosophy of President Xi Jinping which is called "Xi Jinping thought". This did happen and promotes him to the top level of Chinese Communist Party leaders such as founder Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping who succeeded Mao and opened China to capitalism. President Xi has increased control within the Communist Party with a widespread anti-corruption crackdown although the there were numerous officials who were fired or demoted due to not being in full agreement with Xi Jinping and his party faction as much as those who were demonstrating corrupt behaviour or speech. In the last 5 year under Xi Jinping he has led the firing of over 1,000,000 people in the Communist Party or related bodies. Under Mr. Xi in his first term of office since 2012 there has also been an increased anti-corruption crackdown on Chinese society in general including heavier censorship in the media including the internet and arrests of lawyers and activists. There was also more limitations put on Christians and probably other religious groups in China in President Xi's first term such as ordering Chinese Communist Party officials who wouldn't fully commit to communist doctrine including atheism to leave the party and for Christian and other religious groups to put Communist doctrine including atheism and the supremacy of the communist leadership above biblical or other Christian teaching or the religious teaching of followers of other religions. In Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping's first term China has seen increasing modernization and restructuring and has become bolder in a global basis. Probably due largely to continued economic and other success and more prominent global status for China, Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping still is supported widely by general Chinese citizens.

November 2017 Promoting of Surveillance Society Main Part of New Focus on China Domestically Implementing and Exporting Technology and It's Part in Preparing for the Antichrist of the Tribulation

On the 2nd page of the BBC article: "China' Xi Jinping opens "New Era" for country and the world" at the 19th 5 year Chinese Communist National Congress in Beijing in late October 2017 the Chinese leader mentioned in his main speech the socialist or communist model or China's society and government. He further mentioned that he wanted to offer "a new option for other countries and nations who want to speed up their development while maintaing their independence." The BBC article continues: "At home China is already a surveillance state accelerating its ability to listen to every call and track every face, online posting, movement and purchase. Expect it now to export not just the governance model but the cyber weapons to make that work." There was further coverage of this surveillance program in Wired Magazine online in an article with the title: "Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens" also posted at the end of October 2017. This article further explained how China has built up online profiles of all its citizens. China uses or is threatening to use these citizen profiles much more shortly to reward people with positive profile who do and say things positive to the Communist Part including Party Leader Xi Jinping that could help people more easily get into good universities, get a good job, get a good marriage partner or get medical or other government services. Those citizens who said or did things that Xi Jinping or the Chinese Communist party didn't like would be denied good jobs or university placements etc. under this system. This system could also and will probably be a version of a program the Satanically possessed Antichrist. He will rule the world for the 7 year tribulation especially the worldwide more tyrannical last 3 1/2 years. The mark of the beast system of the Antichrist will probably only let people buy or sell unless they had the mark of the beast that could include goods and services and be based on their online and otherwise government profile of people. To then refuse this mark would be to risk being killed by the the Antichrist in Revelation 13, the Beast out of the Sea but to take it would to sell one's soul eternally to the devil and spend eternity in the lake of fire according to Revelation 14. That these things are having their stage set now on a global basis, from both China and the west, should alert the reader and I as a blood bought by God's Son Jesus Christ restored child of God urge you as soon as possible, if you haven't already, to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that He died on the cross for all our sins and rose again from the dead to give us eternal life and a restored relationship with our Creator and then come to be Saviour God. If you trust in the Lord Jesus Christ before the very soon coming rapture of the Church, that will be just before the Antichrist is revealed on Earth through his confirming a Middle East and perhaps worldwide Peace Treaty (Covenant) as in Daniel 9:27 that will allow Israel to build their third Jewish temple on the Temple Mount you can be also assured you will be taken to heaven with the rest of Jesus' and God the Father's true Church. God's true Church is His people called out to Himself from all nations through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. If you trust in Jesus before the rapture or catching up to Heaven of the Church you can also be assured you won't be left behind on earth during Earth's darkest day of the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel including the great tribulation.

Novemeber 2017 Specifics of Selection Process of China's Top Leadership Positions and Overall Top (Chinese Communist Party Chairman) Positions at 5 Year Congress Meetings

According to sources such as the BBC article on October 7, 2017 with the title: "Communist Party congress: How China picks its leaders" the selection process of China's top leaders is given in general. This process takes place in Beijing at the Great Hall of the People there that is China's equivalent of a parliament building or congressional building. Over 2000 delegates from all over China who are members of the Chinese Communist Party gather at that time and place every 5 years such as last month (October 2017). First the about 2300 and over 2000 Communist Party of China delegates elects the authoritative Central Committee that has approximately 200 people. The central committee then selects the Communist Party Politburo. This Chinese Party Politboro then selects the Politboro Standing Committee. The present number of members of The Chinese Party Politboro is 24 and of the Chinese Party Politboro Standing Committee 7 although there is some slight differences in these numbers over the years and at different 5 year meetings. Although there are votes for these positions by the delegates or central committee etc., actually the leaders that are eventually selected have been chosen beforehand and these votes at the 5 year congress just make it official. The Chinese Communist Party Central Committee also selects the top leader the Chairman or General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and President of the country. It was expected beforehand that Xi Jinping would be re-appointed as the top leader of China for a second 5 year term and this is what actually happened. The unwritten but usually held to age limit for politboro members is 68 years old after which they are expected to retire. There would usually be one of more appoinees in the Politboro especially the Standing Committee in their 50s who could be trained as the next Communist Party General Secretary and Chinese president. However this time it turned out that only 1 other former Standing Committee member than Mr. Xi was retained and the 5 new members selected were all in their 60s which could mean that Chinese President Xi Jinping, already in his 60s, could have his way paved for an exceptional 3rd five year term in 5 years from now in 2022 at the next 5 year Chinese Communist Party General Congress Meeting. This and the fact that many other top leaders that were chosen at this meeting, including of the Communist Party Politboro Standing Committee, were mostly loyal to him and of not much competing power more centralizes and increase his power over the Chinese Communist Party and of the country for at least the next 5 years.

November 2017 Summary of Fuller Stage of Revision of Chinese Military Personnel and Structure by Chinese President Xi Jinping Announced at 2017 5 Year Chinese Communist Party Central Congress Meeting

Perhaps the greatest achievent of Chinese President Xi Jinping in his first five year term was a significant reform of the Chinese armed forces. This gives signficant insight into China's near term political goals according to political analyst Cheng Li as referred to in a BBC article China congress: Military facelift a sign of bigger changes. Chinese President Xi showed determination to take different substantial measures in reforming China's armed forces and this has significant altered China' People's Liberatin Army (PLA). One early and needed reform by Mr. Xi was to fire many top generals who were regarded as corrupt due to such practices as selling military titles. In addition Chinese President Xi showed persistent determination to re-organize and bring up-to-date China's armed forces. President Xi's military reforms have been centred on limiting the four "general departments" of the PLA that had acted as in practice another branch of the government under military leadership. This former arrangement had limited the power of the civilian controlled Central Military Commission (CMC). President Xi also thoroughly changed China's military structure from a Russian style military focused on the army to what policy analysts call a "Western-style joint command". Mr. Xi also quickly advanced "young guards" to highest official positions in the military. According to the BBC years will be required to more completely determine these reforms' effects on the Chinese armed forces or beyond that. However Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping is carrying out further reforms. Based on the substantial number of military and police representatives at the 5 year Chinese Party Congress where promotions or installations of new leaders are reported there could well be the largest replacement of high-level officials in the Chinese military in Chinese Communist history. There will be an exceptional 90% of first time people among the total 300 military representatives at this congress. Also remarkable is that no more than 17% or seven out of 41 of the military delegates with full membership in the last or 18th Central Committee will keep their positions going forward from this current 19th Communist Party congress. This will also be an unprecedented replacement fraction in the military delegates at a 5 year Communist Party congress. Probably the new Chinese armed forces leadership will be comprised of Chinese President Xi's long-standing friends General Zhang Youxia, General Li Zuocheng and Admiral Miao Hua and commanders of the PLA army, navy, air force and strategic support force who were just received more advanced positions. These military commanders on the new Chinese joint military command are familiar for length and depth of military service, war or war games experience, and academic knowledge of current war strategy or practices. The high degree of turnover in the top military positions at this congress also indicates more general Chinese leadership changes especially more centralized power for Chinese President Xi Jinping going forward from this congress. All things considered there could be as high as 70% of delegates from the 2012 Chinese Party Central Committee who will not be sitting as part of the current 2017 19th Chinese Communist Party Central Committee.

From a Biblical Christian viewpoint this makes it much more likely Chinese President Xi Jinping will be in the inner circle with the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea and the False Prophet when they come to rule the world in the very soon coming 7 year tribulation or 70th week of Daniel. However it is still most likely based on God's word the Holy Bible, particularly from Daniel 9 and Revelation 17 that the antichrist himself will come from the revived roman empire especially Europe.

May 2017 First Foreign Policy Trip of New US President Donald Trump Includes Prominent World Religious, Political, Economic and Military Centres

The first foreign policy trip of new US president Donald Trump included important western religious centres including Saudi Arabia, the place of the origin of the Muslim faith, Israel, the place of the origin of the Jewish and Christian faith and the Vatican the place of the origin of the Roman Catholic branch of Christianity. President Bush's trip also included stops in Brussels, Belgium to talk with representatives of the European Union (EU) and with other leaders of NATO the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that has traditionally been seen as a collective defence organization especially against the Russian dominated Soviet Union in the cold war and with still some role in that way against Russia currently. He also made a stop in Sicily, Italy for a meeting of the western plus Japan heads of state in the G7 world political group. According to a report in the online source axios on May 29 called The shadow secretary of state there was a claim made that a White House official told this source axios that it was President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner who had organized the first part of Trump's trip to the centres of the world's main western religions to speak to 3 of the largest world religions. This later turned out to be an attempt to get them all on an alliance against Islamic terrorism particularly Iran and Isis.

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