Part 4 The Antichrist

October 2015 Passing of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Largest Free Trade Deal So Far in History Preparing More for One World Economy and Government of the Antichrist

In early October 2015 the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal was agreed to by 12 pacific nations including Canada, United States, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam and 7 other Pacific rim countries but not including China for which a separate free trade deal is being negotiated with North American or perhaps other places. This TPP deal involves about 40% of the world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and at least on this basis is the largest free trade deal in world history. There was compromise on each side to try to reduce tariffs by the different countries on their respective products and services especially with respect to trade with other countries in this trade pact. For instance Canada where I live will have to have a slight increase in what it allows other countries to import into it for dairy products and to reduce the amount of cars or car parts that have to be made in Canada from slightly over 60% to about 45%. In Canada at least most of the contents of the trade deal have not been made public during the negotiations and the Conservative government in Canada said that most of the contents would be made public until after the federal election coming later this month (October 2015). Things could be similiar in the United States or other countries involved but at least they are in their having to reduce the tariffs on some of their products or services. Although this deal has been passed by the negotiators of all the countries, it still has to have final approval from votes in the parliaments in all the countries but it is expected that this will not be an obstacle to it being fully passed and going into force for any of the participating countries as far as I know. Part of the reason there have been many bilateral and multilateral trade deals such at this TPP deal is because the earlier attempts at a worldwide free trade deal under GATT then the World Trade Organization (WTO) failed because areas of the world were not willing to compromise such as first world countries reducing tariffs on agricultural goods to let in more cheaper agricultural goods from the developing world and the developing world reducing its tariffs on high tech manufactured goods and financial services that are generally more advanced in the developed world. From a biblical Christian world view this is a another step towards one world economy and one world government not of God but of the devil through his man and at least in the second half of the tribulation totally incarnate in his man the Antichrist or the beast out of the sea and man of sin. Before the antichrist or the beast takes over control of this world will be the rapture or catching up to heaven to be with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of His true church or called out people from all nations through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that He died for our sins on the cross and rose from the dead to give us new life. If you haven't yet done this and achieved a restored relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ I urge you to trust in Jesus now because I am sure based on God's sure prophetic word and the current events that are quickly following it and catching up with it that the rapture and following tribulation then second coming of the Lord Jesus with His Church to set up His Kingdom on Earth and judge the world including the Antichrist will move forward very soon and for those who have heard a clear presentation of God's salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ in this age and neglected or rejected it until the rapture and beginning of the tribulation there probably won't be another chance for salvation or forgiveness from God in the tribulation or any time after that based on 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12. People who haven't heard a clear presentation of salvation in Jesus in this present Church age will have a chance to be saved in the tribulation but under dire circumstances.

September 2015 Crisis of Migrants Coming from Middle East and Africa to Europe and Possible Increased Readiness in Europe for the Antichrist

As of this writing in September 2015 there have been about 500,000 migrants come into Europe from the Middle East especially Syria but also other places such as Pakistan and from Africa especially North Africa but also from Sub-saharan Africa who have come through Libya and other places in North Africa. It is quite evident for anyone who listens to the news for even a while that Europe is not equipped to deal with such a large volume of migrants or those who don't come in in an orderly way through the proper immigration system. Among other things this has led to much disagreement among not only the people of Europe but also the leaders of the European Union and the individual countries how to divide up the expenses and the countries in which to settle the migrants. Among other concerns there is worry that these migrants will work below minimum wage and take the jobs of native Europeans, and the concern for rage or assaults or thefts or other crimes perpetrated by these migrants especially if they don't get jobs and fit into the societies in Europe quickly and fully. However a larger concern with many people in Europe including Bible believing Christians or Jews or bible believing Christians or Jews in North America or other places is that many of these people are Muslims and that there could be a significant number that are exploiting this situation to come in the midst of these crowds as Muslim jihadists to try to take over Europe for militant Islam. This has certainly be done in other places of the world in history by militant Islam and is consistant with some parts of their holy book the Quran. I as a Bible believing Christian do feel sympathy for the people from Syria or Iraq or other places that are Christians or genuinely moderate Muslims or secular people that are fleeing the militant Muslims in their countries and want to live in a country that is not ruled by militant Islam in Europe but part of the problem is determining who is who. Also I believe the world including the west should do more to get a merciful and just settlement including for Christians or non-Muslims or moderate Muslims in places like Iraq and Syria including to marginalize radical groups like Isis or Al-Qaeda or radical Shiites that might be supported by Iran but the world including the west are either unable or unwilling to make much progress in this direction for a couple years and this continues to contribute to the migrant crises. From a Bible prophecy perspective this continuing migrant crises that includes many Muslims will probably continue to lead in Europe to growing dissatisfaction with their current leadership and desire for stronger leadership including that would protect some semblance of Christian culture and secularism from Europe being overrun by Muslims. I believe this growing desire for such a new, stronger leader in Europe with a stronger mandate to lead a united Europe will fall right into the hands of the Antichrist, the Beast out of the Sea or Man of Sin who will be the devil's counterfeit for the Lord Jesus Christ including the Lord Jesus Christ's future role to visibly and personally rule the world for God the Father according to many Bible passages. That there continues to be this glaring leadership crisis in Europe that continues to be fueled by this migrant crisis means to myself and other Bible believing Christians that it is likely only a short time before the Antichrist is revealed to first lead a united Europe and then the whole world and that he will first come promising peace and prosperity including a peace in the Middle east with the Jews in Israel and the Arabs but also this migrant crisis in Europe and environmental problems or other issues like hunger, lack of water in the world, employment getting religions together etc. Before the Antichrist is revealed according to Daniel 9:27 or 2 Thessalonians 2 or other scriptures the true Church of born again Christian from around the world who have personally admitted we are sinners according to God's word the Holy Bible and trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ that He died on the cross for all our sins and rose from the dead to give us new life and a relationship with God will be raptured or caught up to heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ to allow God to judge the world directly and through what He allows the Antichrist to do as world dictator. Since there is increasing evidence these things are about to happen I would encourage you the reader to as soon as possible trust in the Lord Jesus Christ with your heart as your personal Lord and Saviour so you won't be here for Earth's darkest hour but can instead be caught up to heaven with Jesus and His Church or called out people before the tribuation and come back with Him from heaven to judge the world including the Antichrist and set up God's Kingdom with Jesus and restored Israel through Jesus and the restored to God through Jesus at the end of the tribulation.

June 2014 Jean Claude Juncker Voted as Likely New European Commission Leader

Without much surprise Jean Claude Juncker has been appointed as the new leader of the European Commission in a vote by the nations of the European Union. He was approved 26 to 2 with only the United Kingdom and Hungary voting against him despite much public opposition to his candidacy by David Cameron the leader of the United Kingdom. However he still has to pass a couple more hurdles including to get a majority approval in a vote in the European Parliament but it is thought he will do this without much problem. Jean Claude Juncker is 59 years old is the former Prime Minister of the nation of Luxembourg between France and Germany. He is also more recently the architect of the austerity finacial measures for Greece and some other nations that had high debts and/or deficits and is regarded as very much in favour of a more centralized Europe and has recently been called by UK Prime Minister the ultimate Brussels insider referring to his heavy involvement for about 20 years in the management of the European Union. Mr. Juncker will replace the present holder of the European Commission lead position Jose Barosso who was also previously the leader of Portugal. I also learned from the EUObserver web site that Mr. Juncker was one of the people instrumental in the establishment of the Euro currency and is a Roman Catholic. The latter would be appropriate for the Antichrist as well if he will be ruling the Revived Roman Empire which Daniel 7 indicates the last days government of the Antichrist will be. Although I can't say for sure, such a person being appointed to a top position in the European Union provides a good candidate for the Antichrist the coming world dictator who will rise and rule from the European Union the revived Roman Empire according to Daniel chapters 2 and 4 and chapter 9 and Revelation 17. Although there have been good candidates before for the Antichrist Mr. Juncker is as good as any with his record of being much in favour of a centralized Europe and about to have one of the top positions in Europe and being a fairly high profile politician in Europe as well as the fact that at this time things are definitely heating up in the Middle East including the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel where the Antichrist will reveal himself in allowing the Jews to build their third temple. However there also have to take place selections for other leading positions for the European Union soon including the leaders of the European Parliament and the European Council to replace Mr. Van Rompuy and a new foreign representative to replace Cathy Ashton. It will be interesting to see how much the new holders of these offices are in favour of a centralized Europe. Due to these things happening including when there is hightened interest in the Temple Mount by both Jews and Muslims I would encourage the reader if he or she hasn't already done so to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead to give us new life so you can also be taken to heaven at the rapture or catching up of the church and not be left behind on earth to endure the tribulation with the worldwide tyranny of the Satan's man the Antichrist and the judgment of God or the world for sin and unbelief in Jesus.

September 2014 Appointments of New President of the European Council and Foreign Representative of the European Commission and Possible Preparations for Antichrist Government

In September 2014 European Union leaders awarded the position of European Union President to Donald Tusk the up to recently prime minister of Poland. He will replace Herman Van Rompuy of Belgium for this position at the beginning of December this year. This position could be for 2 1/2 or 5 years. Compared to some politicians in the past in Europe as well as Jean Claude Juncker who was recently awarded the position of President of the European Commission, Mr. Tusk is somewhat of a political lightweight. He sounds a lot less conciliatory than Mr. Van Rompuy who he is replacing and has said he has given up on having good relations with Russia. This will likely be put to the test early in his term due to the standoff with Europe and Russia in Ukraine. One reason he was chosen is to have a leading position in the European Union to a representative from Eastern Europe as Mr. Juncker and Mrs. Mogherini the new European Foreign Affairs leader are both from western Europe. Mr. Tusk has led Poland since 2007 and achieved significant 20% economic growth during at least much of that period. According to an article in he is Roman Catholic and believes in a stronger or more centralized European Union but mostly from the perspective that that would give better security for Poland likely in reference to any possible threats from Russia. Tusk said his top three goals during his term in office to cause more awareness to Europe of Russia from an Eastern European perspective, to prevent the UK from leaving the EU and to prevent widening separartion between countries using the Euro and those that don't in the European Union. From a Biblical viewpoint he could still work with the Antichrist in the tribulation but I don't see any obvious characteristics that would give him a leading role then and there.

The other candidate appointed this month is the Italian woman Federica Mogherini as the new Foreign Minister of the European Union. She replaces Britain's Cathy Ashton also about the beginning of December this year. She has been accused of being rather young and inexperienced for the position being 41 years old and the foreign minister of Italy only since February this year. She has also been accused of Eastern European Union representatives as too easy with Russia and her likely choice was one of the main reasons Donald Tusk from Poland who is strongly anti-communist was chosen for one of the other leading EU positions. Mrs. Mogherini came with Cathy Ashton on a peacemaking trip to Ukraine and Russia to try to achieve a peace agreement regarding Ukraine recently probably earlier this year (2014). She has pledges to look after the interests of all EU nations and citizens but her actually entering her term of office will prove how true that pledge is. She has been involved in foreign relations for about 20 years as part of non-governmental groups (NGOs) and as part of the Italian foreign affairs committee. She has also travelled to some Balkan countries like Serbia and Croatia and some Middle EAstern countries like the Palestinian territories, Jordan and Egypt but Israel was not mentioned. She was also a political scientist and did her thesis on Islamic politics which with what countries she has visited or not visited indicates she could be quite biased towards Muslim and Arab countries and away from Israel just as her predecessor Cathy Ashton was. She also has taken part in nuclear disarmament organizations again as Cathy Ashton and this with her involvement more with Arab and Muslim matters and not with Israel or Jewish or Christian matters indicates she is probably quite left wing. From a Biblical Christian view this could indicate that if the tribulation starts right away she could be used by the Antichrist as part of his eventual actions against Israel in the second half of the tribulation although she is also so far a political lightweight.

United States 2013 National Budget Standoff, Government Shutdown and Preparing for World Leadership of the Antichrist

At the end of September 2013, the United States Congress and President Barack Obama refused to come to an agreement on a vote on the 2014 national budget. The Congress wanted to be able to discuss Obama's health care legislation, Obamacare, to reduce some of the extent and negative features of it but President Obama wanted to have a vote on the budget itself without any other considerations. So Congress Republican leader John Boehner refused to have a vote in Congress when he couldn't get any discussion on concessions on Obamacare and the United States government went into a limited shutdown where it still is at this time (October 9, 2013). This is doing serious harm to the United States economy and international reputation but also in other things such as the government sponsored science research that is not deemed an essential service. It is widely thought and has been pretty well acknowledged that 40 or 50 members called the Tea Party of the Republican part of Congress from very conservative parts of the United States that despise big government are behind Republican leader John Boehner's consistant stand against passing the 2014 US budget with no conditions. However there is an even more dangerous and critical deadline coming up soon. On October 17, 2013 the so-called debt ceiling would be reached and the United States federal government runs out of money. A vote needs to be held in Congress and the Senate and approved by President Obama concerning authorizing the US government to increase the amount of money it can borrow from lenders or creditors. China and other creditor countries seem to be in favour of a vote for the US government to borrow more money. If a vote is held before then and it passes then everything would be alright at least for the time being. However if a vote isn't held or if the vote is held and it isn't passed by Congress there will be serious problems not just to the economy of the United States but to the whole world and also likely some political problems in the United States. These problems could well be as bad or worse than the recession that began in 2008 as it would be a default of the American dollar and of the American government. This would cause a serious reduction in international confidence in the US economy and in investing in the American dollar with perhaps not as much willingness by international investors to continue such investing or wanting higher interest rates paid to them in return for the same investment. This could then cause the United States government to look to other sources of income such as cutting programs or increasing taxes or both which would be very unpopular and painful to votes or businesses there.

On a bible prophecy note, this crisis in the American economy especially if it continues without a vote in congress past the deadline for raising the debt ceiling could be what leads to a new world currency under the antichrist and the revelation of the antichrist or beast out of the sea or man of sin the new world dictator and the preceding rapture or catching up to heaven of all true Christians that have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died on the cross for our sins and rose again to give us eternal life. I would encourage you the reader to also, if you haven't done so already, to trust in Jesus so you can be ready when Bible prophecy events move forward soon.

Some Miscellaneous Characteristics of Herman Van Rompuy the Current President of the European Union and Possible Candidate for the Antichrist

Some information I have learned recently helps me become more suspicious that the current President of the European Council of the European Union overall Herman Van Rompuy could indeed be the Antichrist. I have found out that he has contempt for democracy and that because he comes from Belgium that is divided between the French Walloons and the Dutch Flemish people and doesn't have a distinct national identity he feels more a citizen of the European Union or the world rather than his home country of Belgium or any other nation state. He also is very supportive of world government as his statement at around the time of his acceptance of his position of EU President. At that time he said the following: "2009 is also the first year of global government with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of a financial crisis; the climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet." From a Biblical Christian viewpoint we can certainly say we are in a greater state of world government but not yet in the state of a stronger or more oppressive world government of the Antichrist after his treaty with Israel to rebuild their temple that will begin the tribulation and eventually world dictatorial rule of the Antichrist. Mr. Van Rompuy also believes Europe as included in the current European Union or any other possible additional countries such as from the Balkans are mostly Christian in culture and he wants to keep it this way by blocking the inclusion of mostly Islamic Turkey in the European Union. His religion on Wikepedia is also listed as Roman Catholic although I don't know how devout he is but this would also be a good qualification for him as Antichrist as the government of the Antichrist is viewed as the revived Roman Empire in scripture.

June 2013 Revelations by CIA Worker Edward Snowden Shows Extent of US Surveillance on its Own Citizens or of Other Countries Indicating Preparations for the Antichrist

In June 2013 a CIA worker in the US leaded some sensitive informatin to the British Guardian newspaper about American spying on its own citizens and other countries. Mr. Snowden is 29 years old and works for a company named Booz Allen Hamilton which received work contracted out from the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). There were revelations that the telephone business Verizon was ordered to give phone conversation information to the National Security Agency (NSA). This information included both phone numbers involved in a call and the locations and date and time of the calls. There were also claims that a secret program called Prism that was supposed to be set up in 2007 by former US President George Bush Jr. eavesdropped communications on major internet companies. Later on there were revelations that the United States security was eavesdropping or even hacking internet web sites in other countries including Germany and China. There have been claims by the US intelligence community that these intelligence measures prevented a couple dozen potential terrorist incidents in the United States and other countries from being realized. US president Barack Obama and some US intelligence or defence directors have criticized this action of Mr. Snowden as threatening US security. Mr. Snowden fled to Hong Kong after this incident and his whereabouts were not known as of mid-2013 but it is now known that he took a flight to Moscow Russia and will likely be living there for the forseeable future. All this goes to show the extent the United States and likely some other countries go to spy on their citizens or those of other countries and the extent things are ready for the antichrist or beast out of the sea mentioned in the Bible in Revelation 13, 17, 19, 2 Thessalonians 2, Matthew 24:15, Daniel 9:27 and other scriptures when the antichrist will be world dictator and will be quite oppressive over the world's political, economic, religious and military spheres with the False Prophet or Beast out of the land. I would therefore urge the reader to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead to give us new life so you can also not only have eternal life but be assured of being spared the tribulation by taking part in the rapture of the church beforehand. I would urge you to do this as soon as possible if you haven't already done so.

October 2012 Step to Further Central Control of European Union Banks

In October 2012 the European Union agreed on a pact to give more control of all the 6000 or so banks in the European Union to a centralized EU body. This will transfer control from the national central banks or other central banking bodies in the individual countries. Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Francois Hollande led the negotiations to reach this agreement. This agreement will be over all the European banks even though Germany had wanted some of the banks to be exempt. To some degree this treaty will take effect in January 2013 as with other things in this paragraph according to what I read in an article on the web site. This is another step to an eventual economic and political union in Europe that will be used by the Antichrist or Beast out of the sea with the False Prophet to rule the world in the seven year tribulation according to God's Word - the Holy Bible. Since such steps are happening now and continuing to develop I would urge the reader to as soon as possible trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died on the cross for our sins and rose again from the dead to give new life so you can have a relationship with the creator God and also be spared being on earth during the tribulation.

December 2011 New Fiscal Compact of the European Union

In the second weekend of December 2011 the European Union had a summit to attempt to regain investor confidence in the Euro currency and the European Union. Among other things all participating countries, which now looks like all countries except the United Kingdom, will be required to have balanced budgets with annual deficits of no more than half a percent point of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Nations that exceed three percent of GDP will face scrutiny and penalties from the European Union. The European Commission will look at the national budgets and state their requirements. They will also be able to send bureaucrats that will compel member nations and state their requirements. They will also be able to send bureaucrats that will compel member nations to take bailouts even if they don't desire this. Member countries will also be required to contribute more money into an EU bailout fund to be called the European Stability Mechanism. It is supposed to come into effect by July 2012 instead of 2013 proposed for a previous bailout fund. More financial summits are also promised as is also further consideration of European Union bonds. There has also been a Commission has called for more fiscal consolidation of member EU countries (all but UK) and a cross EU tax on financial transactions and for a common corporate and financial tax base. These latter measures were the principle items that persuaded British Prime Minister David Cameron from including Britain in this agreement. With the closer fiscal union including national deficits and tax policy of member countries across the EU, the stage is further set for someone to rise to the top of the European Union and more easily lead it. This fiscal union probably means the time is that much closer for the Antichrist or the Beast out of the Sea or the Man of Sin and his partner the False Prophet or the Beast out of the Land to arise in Europe and lead the world in the tribulation as its antichrist and devilish tyrant although he will probably come in as a peacemaker and on a wave of public acclaim at first. A main thing besides solving remaining economic problems in Europe or the world that will make him popular and reveal him to the world will be the peace he establishes in the Middle East with Israel and probably involving the Arabs including Palestinians that will feature permission for Israel to build their third temple on the Temple Mount. Since these things seem to be progressing I would urge the reader to as soon as possible trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died for your sins on the cross and rose again to give you new life and receive him as your personal Lord and Saviour so you can not only have eternal life and a relationship with God etc. but also be spared of being left behind on earth during the tribulation but instead can be caught up to heaven as part of the church to with God and the Lord Jesus Christ and his people. This will also insure you will come with Jesus at his second coming to establish his kingdom on earth and enjoy eternity with Him and God the Father.

Late October 2010 Agreement in the European Union on More Permanent Bail Out System for EU Nations With Economic Problems

In late October 2010 the European Union had a conference to try to replace the temporary system for bailing out indebted countries of the EU after the financial crisis in Greece. The temporary system adopted at the time of the Greek economic crisis will expire in 2013 but this new system will be more long term. The previous economic crisis in Greece almost led to the collapse of the entire area of Europe using the Euro currency after a financial panic. This new treaty would seek to take more preventive measures to stop a similiar crisis from developing beforehand farther in advance. For instance fines would be exerted to countries that are developing debt problems in which debts exceed the Lisbon treaty guidelines of 60% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) or in inflated housing speculation conditions that are getting ready to burst. There would be a permanent bailout fund created that would be made possible by the different EU nations contributing some money on an ongoing basis that could be used in an emergency or impending emergency. Under the recently passed Lisbon Treaty the EU was not allowed to have its member nations bail out other less well off member nations. Now Herman Van Rompuy, the new EU President, has been appointed to look out how these proposed measures can be implemented without requiring votes or even referendum by national governments of the EU which they are generally allowed to do when significantly more more is given to the EU government. He and the European Commission will report back in December 2010. The EU government will try to say this is not a large enough change to require votes or referendum in the national governments since there is the idea that is probably justified that if national governments or especially the public through referendums are allowed to comment on the Lisbon Treaty and the EU they might make all kinds of demands that EU leaders wouldn't like and would take power away from the EU which is something the national governments couldn't agree on. Any major change for which it is felt that national governments should vote on or have referendums concerning more power to the EU requires a unanimous vote which was what caused so many problems for passing the Lisbon Treaty in the first place and almost altogether prevented it from being passed.

From a Bible prophecy viewpoint, the fact that this measure will probably strengthen the European Union economically and probably politically in the long term and that it has been overseen by the new EU President Mr. Van Rompuy is a wake up call that progress is being made in the rise of the revived Roman Empire from which the antichrist will rule the world in the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel although it is not at all certain that Mr. Van Rompuy will be the Antichrist since he doesn't seem charismatic enough. Although Europe still has some economic problems and are some way from more effectively competing with newly emerging economic giants like China and India or even standing above the United States, this treaty will help the EU move forward and better provide the administrative base from which the Antichrist can lead the EU to world prominence in the tribulation. This article is based on information from the BBC and Personally I think many evangelical Christians and Bible teachers these days are preoccupied with the role of Islam in the world and have forgotten about the New World Order and the role of Bible prophecy in the tribulation. That can be seen by the lack of books on this subject in Christian bookkstores among other things. I would urge the reader to make an effort to monitor this topic on such sources as I have mentioned above or some sources that still give Christian views on this topic like Southwest Radio Church ( so that the rapture of the church and following tribulation don't sneak up on you like a thief in the night. This news was also not widely shared on Christian media and probably not on general American media either. The way to be assured of being spared going through the tribulation is by trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ and taking part in the rapture that will occur very soon.

October 2010 Currency Crisis Between China and the West Indicating Need for New World Order Financial System Eventually to be Led by the Antichrist and the False Prophet

Although it didn't start in October 2010, the currency crisis between China and the West especially the United States continued to become more critical and a greater source of tension in this month. The main reason China and some other countries undervalue their currencies in that it makes their exports more competitive on the world markets and leads to greater employment in their countries. I heard on the media that the Chinese currency is now about 40% undervalued. Although China is still resisting it, it has now acknowledged the problem and has said it will do something about it but gradually and at its own pace not the faster pace desired by the United States and other western powers. The ongoing efforts to reach a solution to this problem will lead to even further globalization of the economy and to some extent of government. However the efforts by the Chinese government to resist quick or substantial reevaluation of the Chinese currency, the yuan, could lead to some strain in international government relations in the meantime but diplomatic officials from all sides will probably do their best to limit any strain in international relations between China and the West. According to the Bible these efforts to get global solutions to world finanical problems is leading us closer and closer to the mark of the beast that will become the basis for the world economic system in the tribulation at least in the second 3 1/2 year half of the tribulation. It is apparent from problems like this currency crisis that the current economic system is not working. This artificially low ratio of the chinese currency to the US dollar and other currencies has been and continues to be one of the main factors for the United States and other western countries having a negative balance of trade with more imports especially from China than exports. This has also led to a huge debt in the United States and other western powers and the devaluing of the US dollar with respect to other countries and the questioning by many whether the US dollar should continue to be the world reserve currency including the currency in which global goods such as gold, silver and oil are quoted in. Any change from this could also lead to a more one-world currency and a step to the mark of the beast. I would therefore encourage the reader to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died for your sins on the cross and rose from the dead to give you new life as soon as possible so you won't be left behind on earth in the tribulation after the catching up to heaven of all true Christians. One of the dangers of living in the tribulation will be trying to survive without using the mark of the beast which will be the enforced world currency then and that refusing it could endanger one's physical life but taking it will condemn a person to eternal torment in the lake of fire.

August 2011 United States Agreement on Averting Debt Ceiling and Possible Preparations for World Currency of the Antichrist

On August 2, 2011 United States President Barack Obama signed into law an agreement to avert national bankruptcy for United States at least for the time being. The United States had previously set a limit of 14.3 trillion dollars as the maximum for their debt which was reached earlier this year. This led to negotiations between president Obama and the Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress and Senate on a deal to provide for more money for the United States government in a way they hope won't be too offensive to investors and bond raters of the US debt. These investors were wanting about 4 trillion dollars in cuts to the US debt over a fairly short period. Instead they got about 2.4 trillion in cuts over the next ten years. This agreement will also allow the United States to borrow about 2 trillion dollars or so. It remains to be seen whether this will prevent the credit rating agencies from lowering the US credit rating for the first time in a long time with concessions in this agreement. The Republican wanted cuts to social programs and not to increase taxes on the rich while the Democrats including President Obama wanted the opposite. The Republicans were heavily influenced by the staunchly conservative Tea Party movement in their party that is extremely opposed to new taxes including for the rich. President Obama is also to set up a council of 13 including himself and 6 congressmen from each of the Democrates and Republicans particularly to determine where to find the spending cuts as outlined in Obama's plans for the next ten years.

From a biblical Christian viewpoint this agreement prevents the immediate bankruptcy and collapse of the American economy and serious effects on the world economy but it still won't prevent continuing deterioration of the US and world economy with the continuing possibility in a downgrade in the US credit rating. This could lead to a new world currency to replace the US dollar soon with the new world currency possibly introduced by the Antichrist or Beast out of the sea after the rapture of the church and the beginning of the tribulation. I would therefore still urge the reader who is not yet a Christian according to the Bible to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died for our sins on the cross and rose again the third day according to the Bible - the word of God. If you are already a Christian I encourage you to grow in your Christian faith and urge other people you come in contact with that are still outside of God's family and Church to trust in the Lord Jesus soon so they can have their sins removed and enter into a relationship with God.

September 2010 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Update Assessment for United Nations Effort to Improve World Society as Setting the Stage for the Antichrist

In late September 2010 there was a major United Nations Summit at the time of the annual United Nations General Assembly meeting that usually takes place in September. Although there were other events at this summit a main event from a world government progress perspective is the 5 year update of the Millennium Development Goals. These were goals to help world society that were basically agreed on in the year 2000 and have target achievement set for the year 2015. There was an update on the progress of these goals in 2005 and this year in September there was the next 5 year update and review. The Millennium Development Goals are the goals through which the United Nations has agreed on with major countries in the world both in the developed world and the deveoping world to focus assistance to developing lesser developed countries. These 8 goals are the following: 1/ eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; 2/ achieve universal primary education; 3/ promote gender equality and promote women; 4/ reduce child mortality; 5/ improve maternal health; 6/ combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases; 7/ ensure environmental sustainability; and 8/ develop a global partnership for development. Although many of these goals are good in themselves HIV/AIDS by just encouraging safe sex instead of chastity before marriage and abuse by using this as an opportunity to desensitize people to the sin of homosexuality that is a major factor in the spread of AIDS which isn't always being addressed. Also environmental sustainability can sometimes be used as an excuse at deindustrialization and worship of nature especially in the west as some people in the environmental movement have more care for mother earth, planets and animals than the well being of their fellow humans and would like to see the west go back to as it was before the white man came and brought a more industrial society to North America. Most of this basic news was from the BBC news service and a book What's Wrong with the United Nations and How to Fix It by Thomas G. Weiss.

However, from a biblical Christian perspective, the biggest danger of this Millennial Development program is that it is through the United Nations and it is being used to further a global government and global economy and through groups like the Roman Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches that I am quite sure are involved in this program and other world religions that probably that also leads the world closer to a one world religion. The reason I and other Bible believing Christians are so concerned about these things is that these are attempts at one world systems without the true Creator God of the Bible, His Son Jesus Christ or His Word - the Holy Bible or his people born again or bible believing Christians. Born again or bible believing Christians are those people who have been called out of this world to God through the new birth of God's Holy Spirit after trusting in God's Son the Lord Jesus Christ that he died for our sins and rose from the dead to give us new life from God. Since these global solutions of the nations through the United Nations are attempts at one world systems without God they will naturally fit right in with and set the stage for Satan the devil's global government through his representatives the Antichrist or Beast out of the sea as the coming world dictator and his associate the False Prophet mentioned in Revelation 13, 16, 17 and 20 etc. and the Book of Daniel. Therefore I encourage the reader not to be carried away with the excitement of some people with these programs or with the ignorance that they are even going on with others but to be aware of them but see them as a sign that the Antichrist and his one world systems without the one true God - the God of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ are coming soon and that this one world godless system will soon be realized in the 7 year tribulation after the catching up (rapture) of all true Christians who have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ according to the Bible. I would therefore urge the reader to do this as soon as possible if you haven't done it already and if you have to continue to live for Jesus and better know his word, serve him and witness to other unsaved people about eternal life in Jesus while this current age of grace or church age is still in effect. The tribulation will start with a Middle East peace between Israel and the Arabs including the Palestinians that will allow the Jews to build their Third Temple where they can again have animal sacrifices viewed to cover sins on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as in Daniel 9:27 and Revelation 11:1-2.

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