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May 2017 First Policy Trip of New US President Donald Trump With First G7 Meeting in Sicily, Italy

One of the main issues that especially Canada and European representatives of the G7 wanted to talk about at this first G7 meeting with Donald Trump as the American president was climate change. According to a CBC article with the title G7 leaders agree on counter-terrorism, but clash with Trump on climate, trade Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was entering the G7 meeting intending to promote the virtues and importance of reducing climate change as well as promoting free trade. This was at the same time as new US President Donald Trump was entering the same summit with a record of lack of interest in addressing the issue of reducing global warming, and not seeing it as a real issue and threatening that the US would pull out of the recently agreed Paris climate change agreement that was signed by the US under former US president Barack Obama. The European members of the G7 and perhaps to some extent Japan also went into the G7 meeting intending to make reducing global warming a major issue including seeking to persuade the United States and US President Donald Trump not to withdraw the US form the recent Paris global climate change or global warming agreement.

The leaders of the other six G7 nations did make a joint recommittment of their countries to the upholdingthe Paris climate change accord and to continue to seek to reduce human induced global warming but were not very successful to getting the US through US President Donald Trump to join their position. According to the BBC article G7 talks: Trump isolated over Paris climate change deal the Axios news web site referred to three news sources that before the summit Mr. Trump had already decided the US would pull out soon from the Paris global warming accord. The US wouldn't agree to budge on the issue of climate change despite intense pressure from the other G7 leaders at the summit and mostly said the US would announce its decision about climate change including their extent of involvement in the Paris accord next week (as of the late May conference). It turned out that he did make that announcement around that time but it was in fact that the US would and now has withdrawn from the Paris global warming agreement. This caused a global outcry from environmentalists and their allies but was gladly received by many social conservatives and some scientists who believe that man induced global warming has come to unduly dominant discussion of environmental issues in the world and that there has been some dishonesty in presenting the case for man induced global warming by some of its advocates and that the issue of combating global warming has come to be a new front for big goverment and global goverment through UN involvement and carbon taxes or carbon trading and government subsidies of renewable energy and association of the New Age movement and other pagan religion with promoting the effort against global warming interpreted as saving mother earth. The failure of the other six nations of the G7 to persuade US president Trump to make a renewed committment to combatting climate change and continuing American involvement in the Paris anti global warming accord heavily contributed to leaving the G7 divided at the end of the conference including in their summary report.

One area that was to be discussed at the meeting and where more change was expected and achieved was the united effort against (especially Islamic) terrorism. At the end of the conference all G7 nations the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan did produce a united statement against combatting terrorism. I heard that Italy and perhaps the G7 chose the location of Sicily as the meeting place for this year's G7 meeting in order to highlight the struggle against terrorism and the aspect somewhat associated with it of uncontrolled migration into Europe from often heavily Islamic countries such as from North Africa into Italy or from Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan or other places in Asia including other Islamic nations through Greece. Some results from the G7 summit against terrorism was a statement of all G7 nations to continued and strengthened united efforts against terrorism. There was also a united call by the G7 nations for large internet social media, search engine or other companies to do more to cut out exteme Islamic internet content. The G7 nations also made a joint statement of support for the UK in reference to and in response to the recent Manchester UK terrorist bombing where 22 people with some children killed. They made a statement that Daesh (Islamic State) is "evolving rather than disappearing" as voiced by UK leader Theresa May. She went on to say on this issue I believe with agreement from other G7 leaders: "As they lose ground in Iraq and Syria, foreign fighters are returning and the group's hateful ideology is spreading online. Make no mistake, the fight is moving from the battlefield to the internet". However I have heard recently that often radical Islamic material on the internet is not enough to radicalize young people especially males or other people that might be susceptible but that usually it is necessary that they also become personally involved with a jihadist recruiter who personally mentors them to become more of an Islamic extremist and jihadist. A Mr. Choudury in the UK is an especially appropriate example of this and has had limits placed on him by the federal government there.

According to the CBC article G7 leaders agree to fight protectionism, but US delays decision on climate agreement part of a statement on joint security against terrorism read: "We call upon all countries of the region to play a constructive role by contibuting to efforts to achieve inclusive political solutions, reconciliation and peace, which are the only way to eradicate ISIL, other terrorist groups and violent extremism in the long-term in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and beyond". According to another CBC article on the G7 summit with the title G7 leaders agree on counter-terrorism, but clash with Trump on climate, trade there was included in the communique against terrorism that the G7 is already against terrorism but needed to do more quickly in light of the then especially recent Manchester UK terrorist bombing. The G7 statement against terrorist also asserted: "We will bring the fight against terrorism to a higher level by relentlessly preventing, investigating and prosecuting terrorist acts, their perpetrators and supporters". The agreed commique also affirmed: "Our shared systems of values and norms, respect for human rights and cultural diversity, the promotion of fundamental freedoms and the principles on which our societies are built will remain a beacon for our common action and the first and best defence against this common threat". (The common threat referred to is terrorism which is usually Islamic terrorism.)

One other area of foreign relations that both Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and European leaders and most likely Japan were eager to promote but that resistance was expected from US leader Donald Trump was global free trade. Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland summed up some of the expectations of the summit about progress on free trade and some other issues by Canada and other non-US participants before the conference in saying: "There are clearly some areas where the Canadian position may not be universally embraced". According to the BBC the Italian Prime Minister Mr. Gentiloni mentioned that there had been progress on a joint statement on free trade to some up that discussion area from the conference. The Italian Prime Minister said according to the BBC: "But it seems to me that direct discussions today have produced common positions that we can work on". Before the G7 conference there was concern that US President Donald Trump would specifically put forward an isolationist position for the US or other countries against free trade. In part of the 2016 US Presidential Campaign now President Trump warned he would put customs duties against Germany for their trade surplus against the US in relation to which he said Germany owed "vast sums of money" to the US and NATO.

One thing that has characterized the G7 from the start has been its support of world and bilateral or between two countries free trade. The last meeting of the G7 in Japan emphasized that the G7 should seek to "avoid protectionism". However there was a lot more divided position at this latest G7 meeting with US President Trump having been elected in large part with the slogan "put American first" including to refuse further free trade deals and reduce the US in existing ones with the recognition that the main benefit of such deals is usually to the already rich and the expense of the poor both working poor or unemployed. This is even though some of these trade deals might increase the GDP or economic activity overall but it increases the disparity in income in different ecomonic classes. The German magazine Der Spiegel quoted President Trump as stating in another meeting probably in Brussels with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker that Germans were "very bad" in reference to exports of cars to the US. Despite these disagreements with the US the G7 leaders did agree on a final statement regarding trade that included the declarations that they would "fight protectionism" and that "trade has not always worked to the benefit of everyone". Apparently Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a significant part in getting the final conference statement on trade that the G7 should fight protectionism. Some of the Canadian and European leaders did promote free trade between their own countries and the US on a bilateral basis in one-on-one talks at the summit. According to the article in the Globe and Mail with title Europe-U.S. rift develops after a tense, Trump-filled G7 summit after the joint statement about trade including a joint mention against protectionism and that free trade wasn't against some nation's interest Gary Cohn the US White House chief economic adviser and director of the National Economic Council stated that the US wouldn't any longer accept trade rules the US considers that are against its interests saying: "We do to you what you do to us" that could be interpreted as threatening trade wars against other nations the US doesn't think are trading with the US enough for their interest.

Another significant issue or set of issues discussed at the summit was migration and food security (and relation to terrorism or crime). Also invited to and that participated in at least part of this G7 summit were some leaders of African nations from where some of the migrants originate that seem to come to Europe through Italy through Libya and the Mediterranean Sea. These other nations represented according to a Wikepedia article 43rd G7 Summit were of Ethiopia, Guinea, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria and Tunisia. Not just on the migrant issue but also on other issues at the conference some other leaders that were present were the EU Council President Donald Tusk, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, African Union Chairman Moussa Faki, African Development Bank President Akinwumi Adesina, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, OECD Secretary General Jose Angel Gurria, IMF Directing Christine Lagarde and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim. Presidents of the above mentioned African nations participated in the discussions about migration which including urging richer or more developed countries in Europe and elsewhere to financially or otherwise support African or other developing countries diversify and strenghten their economies.

This would be especially so African or other developing countries' youth wouldn't risk the hazardous trip to Europe. But other Italian ideas such as advocating some benefits of migration to Europe or the developed world and take measures against lack of stable food supply in Africa and some other places of the developing world were discounted before the G7 summit. Apparently the US government of Donald Trump wasn't willing to accept benefits of especially uncontrolled migration. These measures were encouraged to be discussed especially by the Italians and other Europeans due to the regular deaths of migrants seeking to cross to Europe with over 1000 so far this year and quite a few more in previous years. However it should be mentioned that these migrants come to Europe without official permission or agreement to Europe and in a lot of cases don't have too many skills and a couple per cent of them come with the intent of conducting Islamic terrorism or other disruption. The Globe and Mail report said the G7 summit didn't agree to issue pledges of food aid to Africa. This was mostly due to lack of support from the US as the report says if they had agree the other G7 members would have agreed and it would have been an agreed statement and committment from the conference. According to the Globe and Mail Europe-U.S. rift develops after a tense, Trump-filled G7 summit the Italians in particular fear that large scale migration and displacement will lead to social problems also in Italy and other parts of Europe.

Other points discussed or that were planned to be discussed at the conference included the matter of security from the threats of North Korea for Japan, the matter of the threat of Russia to Europe and the continuance of the EU with the US pledging to continue with sanctions against Russia and the G7 nations pledging to take actions to limit North Korea. Efforts by Canada's Prime Minister to promote more gender equality and inclusiveness were resisted especially by the US. Also US President Trump was quite pleased with the results of the conference but European leaders especially were quite dismayed and some of them like German leader Angela Merkel pledged to defend and promote their liberal globalist values themselves without help from the US or because of Brexit to some extent from Britain.

From a Bible prophecy perspective on this G7 conference there was certainly some effort to continue to promote a liberal globalist agenda especially by Canada and the Europeans and to some extent by most of the other leaders but they were to some extent resisted and limited by US President Donald Trump and other US government representatives. Some of these liberal globalist issues including combatting climate change, encouraging migration, promoting free trade and encouraging inclusiveness (usually of claimed sexual variations or multi-culturalism at the expense of Bible believing Christians (and Jews)). There was more agreement on combatting especially Islamic terrorism. Although the US with US President Donald Trump are temporarily resisting this western liberal and to some extent world wide including with many young people efforts towards liberal globalism it seems likely that Mr. Trump will not be reelected as US President after his 4 year term is over if he lasts that long. Then unless the US elects a more responsible social conservative Republican as new US President as I would have preferred from many of the other Republican Presidential candidates from the last (2016) election, and there were many qualified ones, the world will probably resume going full speed towards a liberal globalist one world economy, religion and government and view of science such as supporting macroevolution and global climate change as overwhelmingly man-induced as fact.

All this support for a liberal global agenda is likely preparing the world for a one world leader the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea and Man of Sin that will promise and go some way to deliver world peace and prosperity without any recognition or respect for the Creator and Saviour true and living God mentioned in the Bible and personally revealed through His Son Jesus Christ. The Antichrist will be revealed at the beginning of the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel and time of God's wrath on this world but will after offering himself as peacemaker show his true colours in the second half of the tribulation by forcing all people left on the world to worship him alone with the dragon or Satan the devil and the false prophet as the only true God or else they will kill people left on earth then. Since there are indications, including by this conference, that things are going quickly in this direction I would encourage the reader to as soon as possible to if you haven't done so already to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour so you can have a restored relationship with God through Jesus and His death on the cross for our sins and rising from the dead to give us new and eternal life, have forgiveness of all your sins in God's sight through Jesus' death for our sins, have an eternal blessed home in heaven, be part of God's eternal family and spiritual people of this Church Age the Church or called out from the world system people but also escape in the rapture to catching up to heaven of the true Church and not be left behind on earth for the 7 year tribulation and 70th week of Daniel for the tyranny of the antichrist and God's judgment and possibly God's judgment at Jesus' second coming at the end of the tribulation to judge the world system and set up God's kingdom on earth and then eternity in the lake of fire for not receiving Jesus as one's personal Lord and Saviour.


May 2017 First Policy Trip of New US President Donald Trump With First Face to Face Meeting With EU Leaders in Brussels, Belgium

The meeting of US President Donald Trump with some European Union (EU) leaders was in the European Council headquarters in Brussels in his recent foreign policy trip according to an article EU to Trump: Defend Western values, not your interests by EU Observer on May 25th, 2017. Meeting with the US President were US president Donald Tusk and EU Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker. Also present at part of the meeting were European Parliament president Antonio Tajani and EU Foreign Policy leader Federica Mogherini. One thing the EU President Donald Tusk emphasized after the meeting with the US President was the importance of the shared values of the EU and the US. Concerning this he said: "What gives our cooperation and friendship its deepest meaning are fundamental Western values, like freedom, human rights and respect for human dignity. Mr Tusk expanded on that by further saying: "The greatest task today is the consolidation of the whole free world around those values, and not just interests". Tusk may have said these things because of concern that Trump and the Republican Congress and their backers such as social conservatives or which I am one don't accept that some social liberal values like rights of so-called LGBT people or Lesbian Gay Bisexual or Transexual people or multi-cultural rights are legitimate rights especially as increasingly promoted at the expense of traditional Biblical Christian or Judaeo Christian rights like Christian moral values and the traditional family and putting Christian values above that or other religions in the west. Tusk may also have been concerned that the so-called right of the earth to be protected is not viewed as strongly but President Trump and his supporters when it is at the expense of the right to own private property and carry out a business especially when some of the environmental message supported by social liberals including by the European Union is mixed with New Age pagan spirituality and some not fully proven science such as the great claims including by the EU of the extent and effects of man induced global warming by human emissions of carbon dioxide or methane or other greenhouse gases and on the theory of macroevolution or evolution across or beyond kinds or genetic boundaries. Even creationists agree with microevolution or evolution within kinds or genetic boundaries such as breeding sheep, cats, dogs and specific types of plants such as pine trees, roses or oranges that still continue to be sheep, cats, dogs, pine trees, roses or oranges although possibly a different variety of them.

This meeting was the initial meeting of US President Donald Trump with the EU leaders since the 2016 US election. Despite some critical words in the press or by tweets towards the EU by US President Donald Trump since and during the last election and some by the EU leaders towards him in response EU sources said after the meeting that it had a "friendly and constructive atmosphere". However there wasn't any apparent coming together to EU positions of US President Trump's voiced sympathies for anti-EU political parties such as the Conservatives in Britain and their promoted leaving the EU with the Brexit policy, the National Front in France under leader Marine LePen or similiar groups in Germany, the Netherlands with leader Geert Wilders, or in Spain or Eastern Europe. Mr. Trump also didn't come closer to the EU position about Russia with their concern that Russia is trying to weaken the European Union including by meddling in national elections of EU countries through the internet and supporting anti-EU parties or leaders. The main topics discussed by US President Trump and the EU leaders were foreign policy, security, climate change, trade and Brexit. Mr. Tusk said after the meeting he wasn't convinced that he and the EU shared a "common opinion" with the US and US President Trump about Russia but that the EU and US position on Ukraine and perceived Russian interference and invasion there that "it seems that we were on the same line". Both sides agreed to take stronger action against the Islamic terrorist group Islamic State in their meeting just a couple days after the Manchester UK bombing by a supporter of IS in another foreign policy statement from their meeting.

Two issues that were discussed at the meeting by US President Donald Trump and the EU leaders where they didn't make much progress were climate change and trade. The EU leaders wanted to get a confirmation from the US President of contined American involvement in the Paris agreement to restrict CO2 emissions and the effects (to which extent are debated) in contibuting to global warming. US representatives did not agree on a confirmation of continuing American involvement in the Paris accord at the meeting with EU leaders and has since pulled out causing a global outcry from people who think increased human CO2 emissions is a main cause of what global warming occurs. There also was an effort especially by the Europeans to resume closer trade between the EU and US including at this meeting. There was some pessimism and thinking that they had to regain the intiative in this area after the failure of the recent efforts towards a US EU free trade deal called the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and the increased protectionism against global trade by the US President Donald Trump and his supporters who are concerned about the loss of American jobs, the increase of wealth in the hands of the rich and the loss of traditional American values in a global economy. There was not a breakthrough agreement on trade at the meeting but President Trump and the EU leaders did agree to work on difficult or disputed trade matters and seek what could be done to advance mutual closer trade between the two powers. Since then the US made a statement on May 31 that it would consider restoring talks on the TTIP agreement with the EU in a statement by the US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

From a Bible prophecy perspective the meeting with the US and the EU is certainly relevant to Bible prophecy since we who take a literal view of the Bible and Bible prophecy including the belief that we are in the last days of the current Church Age just before the rapture or catching to heaven of the true Church followed by the revelation of the Antichrist on earth to be the world ruler in the tribulation believe the EU will have an important role in last days Bible prophecy. We believe the EU can be considered what the Bible especially in the Books of Daniel and Revelation depicts as the revived Roman Empire and that the leader of the world or the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea, little horn or man of sin etc. will come out of the revived Roman empire or the EU. That the EU leaders at the meeting tried to protect western human rights or convince US president Donald Trump of them more and to adopt their position on climate change shows from a Bible prophecy perspective that the EU including its leadership are still seeking to champion some of these values that could be used to unite the world in a humanistic way at the expense of Christian values and the true Creator God including His Son Jesus Christ that Christians and a literal perspective of the Bible make clear need to be central for a time of peace and prosperity including upholding human rights God values and restoring damage to the environment when Jesus comes at His Second Coming to rule the world with His people the true Church, restored Israel and the restored to God of the nations. I and some other biblical Christians believe that if there is some weakness or division in the EU at the beginning of the tribulation the Antichrist could also gain popularity by healing these divisions and making Europe more powerful through stronger leadership but at the expense of a stronger anti-christian presence and propaganda in that part of the world in the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel. The many things discussed at the EU meeting with US President Donald Trump have a bearing on and could indicate that especially Europe and many people in the rest of the world including in the US that are firmly against some of the policies of Mr. Trump against a liberal and often anti-Christian or anti-biblical globalist order.

I would urge the reader to consider that the time is very short in the current order and for you to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour who died on the cross for our sins and rose again to give us new life if you haven't already done so. This is so you can be part of the true Church and restored heavenly people of God, have a restored personal relationship with our Creator God, have all your sins forgiven by Him through Jesus, have an assured blessed home in heaven and also be assured you will be taked to heaven to with Jesus at the rapture of the Church very soon and won't be left behind on earth to face the worldwide tyranny of the antichrist Satan's man and incarnation and so you won't have to risk eternity in your sins or without God's grace through Jesus in the lake of fire which we all deserve.

May 2017 First Policy Trip of New US President Donald Trump With First Face to Face Meeting With NATO Leaders in Brussels, Belgium

After the earlier stops in President Trump's first foreign policy trip, he and some of his team including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson moved from the Vatican in Rome Italy to Brussels for the NATO meeting. Mutual committment to defence of fellow members of NATO and what actions NATO can be involved in against the Muslim terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS) were thought beforehand to be main issues that would be discussed by Trump and other leaders at this NATO meeting. At the meeting President Trump emphasized his and some other American objection to the many NATO members that don't pay their "fair share" of the unofficial guideline of support by member countries to NATO of 2 % of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) a main measure of the economic activity of a nation. NATO leader Mr. Stoltenberg said concerning the NATO member nations' contributions that more transparent statements of each nations contributions to NATO would need to be submitted each year from now on. According to the BBC article Donald Trump tells Nato allies to pay up at Brussels talks, the only NATO members currently paying at least this level of spending of 2 % of GDP are the US, the UK, Greece, Poland and Estonia. Mr. Trump complained that many people or government representatives in the US are tired of the US paying more than their share of support for NATO because most other nations have historically been contibuting below the 2 % GDP level to NATO.

Many other members of NATO were hoping that President Trump would give a solid statement of American committment to NATO. This concern about continuing American support for NATO was due to excessively close or perceived excessively close relations of America under Mr. Trump since coming to power in the last 2016 election campaign. Some of these alleged Russian ties President Trump and some of his top government officials are still under investigation for. According to an article Trump lukewarm on NATO joint defence on the web site EU Observer President Trump said: "We will never forsake the friends who stood by our side" in association with the previous joint NATO support for the US since the 9/11 bombing of the New York City twin World Trade Centre towers. Most other NATO leaders including those present considered the above words of President Trump as less assuring than the more clear-cut committment to Article 5 of the NATO Constitution which obligates all members to support any fellow NATO member that is attacked by an outside nation or entity (such as a terrorist organization). Some of the concern about continuing American committment to NATO and its joint defence policy were due to Mr. Trump previously calling NATO obsolete and his statement that the US might not continue committment to defence of other NATO members that don't maintain their 2 % committment to NATO. At the NATO member the former Yugoslavian nation of Montenegro formerly joined NATO. Jens Stoltenbert the leader of NATO gladly welcomed Montenegro by saying: "This is important for Montenegro. It's important for the Western Balkans and it's important for the whole of NATO. It also shows that NATO's door is open". According to the article Nato to join Trump's anti-IS coalition Montenegro obtained incentive to join NATO after a failed coup there last year intended to stop the process of Montenegro to join NATO which coup was believed to be conducted by Russia. However President Trump might have given a subtle indication of disrespect for Montenegro when Mr. Trump brushed the Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic aside when the NATO leaders came to the front for pictures.

A discussion about how NATO could be more involved in the struggle against the extreme Muslim terrorist group ISIS or Islamic State also took place at the NATO meeting. NATO leader Mr. Stoltenberg stated that NATO did agree to involve NATO with the coalition against Islamic State saying: "We will agree on Nato's membership in the (anti-IS) coalition. This will send a strong political message of Nato's committment to the fight against terrorism and improve coordination within the coalition". Mr. Stoltenberg also stated that NATO could not involve itself in a combat role against Isis. The new French President Mr. Macron made a similiar statement at the summit when he said that France under him wouldn't support NATO having a strike role against Islamic State. Rex Tillerson the US Secretary of State said on the way to the NATO meeting that the US sought NATO to join the 68 nation coalition against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. He said that "would be a really important step for them (NATO) to take". The NATO leader Mr. Stoltenberg said on Wednesday before the NATO meeting supported moving NATO to join the coalition against ISIS in saying: "Many allies would like to see Nato as a full member of the coaltion". Mr. Stoltenberg elaborated: "It (Nato further joining the anti-IS coalition) sends a strong and clear message of unity in the fight against terrorism and especially in light of the terrorist attacks in Manchester". However Mr. Stoltenberg and others made clear they didn't want NATO involved in coalition combat action against Isis but more in other ways such as in an increased intelligence gathering role.

NATO leader Mr. Stolenberg said about Russia that he agreed with EU and US sanctions against Russia in particular saying: "I support the sanctions. I think the sanctions are extemely important as a reaction to the illegal annexation of Crimea (by Russia from Ukraine) and the lack of implementation of the Minsk agreements". According to the EU Observer article Nato to join Trump's anti-IS coaltion: "The Minsk agreement is a ceasefire pact signed in the Belarussian capital which said that foreign forces, meaning Russian forces, had to leave east Ukraine, among other provisions. US President Trump's efforts to closer relations to Russia have caused concern especially in Europe that there could be a change in the opposite direction in American policy in the Ukraine Russia dispute away from Ukraine to more greatly favour Russia. In relation to these NATO and EU concerns about improving US Russia ties President Trump said: "The Nato of the future must include a great focus on terrorism and immigration, as well as on threats from Russia and on Nato's eastern and southern borders".

Trump spoke at more length about the migrant crisis in southern and eastern Europe of the extensive number of migrants coming into or seeking to coming into Europe from North Africa across the Mediterranean or into Greece especially through Turkey from Iraq, Syria and other parts of Asia. According to an article with the title Will Nato become a transatlantic Frontex? in EU Observer one matter talked about at the NATO summit was the not formally processed migrants coming into Europe and United States from Latin America. This was mentioned by President Trump in addition to the main issues of NATO's mutual defence and measures against Islamic terrorism like from ISIS. According to this EU Observer article Mr. Trump mentioned that "the Nato of the future must include a great focus on terrorism and immigration". Trump apparently said the above after expanding on his concern of the risk of thousands of people "pouring into" Nato nations without proper identification process. The EU Observer article mentions Trump's above statement should be interpreted in light of the strong backlash against illegal immigrants from or through Mexico to the US and should be interpreted in that light and of US concerns of illegal immigrants or migrants coming into Europe. Apparently this would not be a precedent in Nato being requested to manage operations of migrants coming into Europe. One previous example was the operation of Nato ships put into operation in the Aegean Sea in February 2016 to monitor migrant movements into Europe due to a request from Germany, Greece and Turkey. However that operation was on a limited scale and only an effort to assist the larger Frontex operation. (Frontex is the EU border control agency). The 2016 Nato operation was also to assist the Greek and Turkish Coast Guards. In that operation NATO and some of its ships carried out "reconnaisance, monitoring, and surveillance" of migrant routes.

President Trump's comments at the recent Nato meeting sought a much more extensive role for Nato in not only monitoring but confronting in an effort to reduce illegal migration into Europe. Trump clearly associated illegal migration with terrorism and in this way portrayed the illegal migration into Europe as a security threat to Europe and many Nato nations. According to this article many European Nato members might agree in a more low profile way for more effort including by Nato to confront the problem of illegal migrants coming into Europe. However they have a concern that the US could have a larger say in how such a Nato operation would be carried out due to the US objection to lack of contributions to Nato including from many European counties and Mr. Trump's association of the unmonitored flow of migrants into Europe with an increased threat of Islamic terrorism in Europe and many Nato nations. The article states that a main concern of the US was of some of these migrants being Islamic terrorists pretending to be innocent migrants and coming into Europe with the intention of committing terrorist actions there. There have already been a number of Islamic terrorist actions in Europe by some of these terrorists that posed as migrants in Germany and probably some other European nations such as France. Although Mr. Trump and his government are more explicit about this concern and association also according to this article these things concerning the illegal migrants into Europe were already a concern in the government of former US President Barack Obama. A concern of the write of the EU Observer article and some Nato partners and human rights advocates is that the transfer of some of the work currently done by the EU to a more military organization like Nato, especially if a more confrontational approach is adopted by Nato, would be against some aspects of the 1951 I think UN Refugee Convention. This Convention prohibits the forced expulsion or return of a refugee to a nation or jurisdiction where their life or freedom could be jeopardized.

From a Bible prophecy perspective I think the main points about this Nato meeting are that Nato as a collective defence organization was salvaged even though it didn't get continued full support from US President Trump. This could mean that Nato could still be used by the soon coming Anti-Christ or Beast out of the Sea who will rule the world in the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel from Europe to use Nato as one of the institutions combining defence of Europe and North America under his leadership. This Nato meeting proceedings in a Bible prophecy perspective could also be used by the Antichrist to give a stronger mandate to fight against Islamic terrorism that could be referred to as the king of the south in Daniel 11 if the antichrist doesn't cooperate with Muslims including Islamic fundamentalists in the tribulation. (However I don't believe that the Antichrist will come from the Middle East or be Muslim himself but come from Europe and be at least a nominal Christian or portray especially western values at least at first such as support for multicultalism, a humanistic world peace and a solution to international environmental problems.) These Nato meetings from a Bible prophecy perspective could also be used by the Antichrist in making Europe into his power base of a revived Roman Empire over which he would be emperor and that would extend to the rest of the world as well especially in the second half of the tribulation. This Nato meeting focus on security from a Bible prophecy perspective could also be used by the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea with his associate the False Prophet or Beast out of the Land to prepare more oppresive rule in Europe and the rest of the world especially of people that won't acknowledge him as God or world leader or who insist on following first the true God including His Son or God the Son Jesus Christ as the true God and who become Christians in the tribulation after the rapture of the Church. Due to this strong possibility and many other indications in world and local affairs I would encourage the reader if you haven't already done so to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour who died on the cross for our sins and rose again from the dead to give us new life so you can have a restored relationship with God, forgiveness of all your sins, a home in heaven as well as be assured you will be part of the true Church and this phase of the Kingdom of God and be taken to heaven at the rapture of the Church and not left behind on earth to endure the tribulation and the worldwide tyranny of the Antichrist and God's judgements on this world because of the sins of the people here.

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